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We used to take a spin class for the endorphin rush. Now, we’re pedalling to power the planet at a gym that’s bringing a whole new level of motivation to the fitness world.

Terra Hale in Shepherd’s Bush, is powered using sustainable energy that is generated when customers pedal on human-powered eco-bikes. The energy converts to utility-grade electricity with every session. Post-workout you are able to view the screen that shows you just how much you’ve improved the world with eco-power, revealing the green energy that has been generated by your efforts. Doesn’t that feel good?!

A 50-minute spin class, with six gym goers and an instructor, supposedly generates up to 3,300 watts. That’s enough to charge your i-Phone for over three hours. So the next time your dead battery leaves you with anxiety, jump in the saddle. Except, the watts aren’t stored to power your devices but the gym facilities during off-peak hours. Any leftover energy is returned to the grid to power local businesses. Bad luck.

Photo: Terra Hale

As well as being powered by sustainable energy, the gym is designed using recycled and eco-friendly materials right down to the loo paper. Reclaimed furniture sits alongside recycled rubber and the wood is sourced from sustainable forests. As for single-use plastic, forget it. The gym only stocks “natural refreshments” like No1 Rosemary Water. To top things off, the walls are covered in over 130 plants to provide oxygen-rich, clean air that’s naturally purifying, encouraging fresh air indoors.

Classes include spin, HIIT, TRX, yoga, meditation and gong baths, as well as rowing with Crew Culture. These calorie-burning sessions fire on all cylinders, delivering the intensity and excitement of a Boat Race, the cardiovascular response that has built the best endurance athletes in the world and the strength and conditioning of over 80% of muscles in the body.

So if you want to do good while feeling good, Terra Hale might just be your new favourite place to workout. You won’t look at your gym in the same way again.

Address: Terra Hale Shepherd’s Bush, Railway Arch 182, Shepherd’s Bush Market, London W12 8DF

Tube: Goldhawk Road

Other locations in Fulham and Notting Hill

Visit the website

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