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The writers at WhateverYourDose are Astrologers each having a decade or more years of experience and knowledge in Astrology. Besides writing for Dose, they manage their own online and offline businesses operating in categories such as Tarot Card reading, Horoscope predictions, Natal Chart reading, etc. They hold mindfulness sessions both free and paid through their websites to connect with their users on a daily to weekly basis

The contributors at WhateverYourDose are a group of experienced and dedicated astrology professionals. Each brings their unique talents and perspectives honed over many years in the field. In addition to providing insightful astrological content for the Dose platform, they also operate their unbiased astrology practices, offering a range of services from natal chart readings to tarot consultations. Their varied backgrounds and specializations allow them to provide nuanced guidance tailored to their client’s individual needs and goals.

These astrologers aim to deliver the most authentic information to help their clients gain self-awareness and clarity. Their commitment to engaging with their audience is evident in the free and premium sessions they conduct, aimed at fostering meaningful connections and helping others integrate astrological insights into their lives in an authentic way.

WhateverYourDose’s writers are passionate about both sharing their knowledge and continuing to develop as astrologers, demonstrating a commendable dedication to their craft and providing unbiased astrological services.

Meet Our Fab Editorial Team

Grace Gabriella Puskas is a visionary author and poet who loves caring for others and the natural world, healing, and being of service. She is a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist, Dream Therapist, Crystal Therapist, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner. She is also an expert Astrologer and Numerologist with a passion for speaking, teaching, and writing. She can be found at: https://gracegabriella33.wixsite.com/grace

Danelle Ferreira, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is a renowned astrology guide and creator of the YouTube channel “Ellastrology.” A Virgo, she combines humor with astrological accuracy to offer insightful readings and self-awareness guidance. Danelle is passionate about exploring ancient ruins and the ocean’s mysteries, reflecting her adventurous spirit. Her work aims to enlighten the spirituality community, offering a blend of entertainment, historical insights, and self-discovery journeys. Danelle’s vision includes a life of family joy, continuous exploration, and creating a nurturing home for the spirit.

Melanie Rose is an astrologer and a writer on esoteric topics. She produces and hosts daily astrology and Tarot updates on her Youtube channel, “Rose Tarot & Astrology.” She has recently been published on Moonomens.com, Numerologysign.com, and at Whateveryourdose.com, sharing her symbol-logical wisdom and interpretive stylings.

Sarah Brownlee, under the pen name Iberia Tor is an astrologer, Tarot reader, crystal enthusiast and follower of the lunar phases. Nestled in the heart of the West Country, England, she loves to share her knowledge of all things esoteric and help guide others as we move forward into a new era.

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