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As millennials, we’re well versed by now in the basics of self-care. Do yoga, drink green juice and practise positive affirmations, hell even treat yourself to some ‘me time’ activities like face masks, baths and massages without feeling guilty. But have you ever thought about getting a massage for your Yoni? (In case you’re wondering, Yoni is Sanskrit (ancient Hindu) for the vulva and means ‘divine sacred portal’. If there’s one thing that’s worth taking care of, it probably should be that! Benefits of Yoni self-massage are said to be huge, and include de-stressing, recovery from traumatic experiences, increased orgasmic potential, vitality, creativity and a deeper connection to the body. Can we get a hell yeh?!

We spoke to sexuality coach and women’s empowerment guide Grace Hazel, who explained that the Yoni is essentially a muscle that responds to massage and exercise in much the same way as our other muscles.

Grace said: ‘Self Yoni Massage gives a woman’s Yoni permission to let go. In the same way that a full body massage allows a release of tension and stress, the same applies to our Yoni. If we can use this as a regular self-care routine, our Yoni will become more receptive and full of sensation’.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into your field of work?

I’m a passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to rediscover pleasure. I got into this field after experiencing 10 years of chronic Vulvodynia. I used this to transform my life and launched an empowered feminine embodiment movement. I now guide women around the globe to eradicate any shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and hold space for honest and real ‘Yoni’ centric conversations to occur.

Exactly how do we go about giving ourselves a Yoni Massage?

Firstly, breath-work is the foundation to asking your body to let go and become receptive. It is also the key to moving energy around the body. By continuously asking for a conscious breath to be present throughout the Yoni massage, you are encouraging the flow of sexual energy to move beyond the sex centre, and into the rest of the body. Continuous practice of this, will increase a women’s orgasmic potential.

Breath-work is as simple as becoming aware of your inhale and exhale. Tune into the way the inhale moves and lifts your body, and how the exhale allows your body to drop and soften.

Now begin to make the inhale bigger so you can fill your lungs to capacity, you can allow your belly to expand too, which will create more space for you to breath in. As you exhale, open up the mouth and sigh. Do this for around 30 rounds. I suggest making sound every time you exhale. Continue this breath throughout the Yoni Massage.


Take a good quality coconut oil and begin to massage your body. Luxuriate in the sensations of your hands on your skin, and experiment with different types of touch, such as firm squeezes, light brushes, and fiery tapping.

To start off, ensure you include your breasts in this massage. Our breasts are the key to opening up our Yoni. Circle and activate them, paying special attention to your nipples. Continue breathing with long, expansive inhales, and sounding out your sighs through the mouth.

When you make your way down to your Yoni, use the types of touch you enjoyed on the other parts of your body and explore the way they feel on your outer labia, your inner labia, and your clitoris. This practice isn’t about blasting into orgasm, you are exploring and increasing your sexual energy.

Some women will find this practice incredible to do in front of a mirror. Our Yoni changes as we stimulate it, the erectile tissues grow and engorge. It’s fascinating to watch.

Once your Yoni feels open, you are ready explore the landscape of your Vagina. Use one or two fingers and press them inside your Yoni. This part isn’t about overly stimulating one particular region, instead, map around the entire Yoni in a clockwise motion, stop in the places that feel tender, numb, or sensitive, then hold and breathe there. You may wish to gently massage those spots. Sometimes emotions can arise during this practice, let them come and be felt, it’s part of the process.

Yoni Massage is a tool that can be used to discover your innate sexual magic – can you explain this term?

When I use the term ‘innate sexual magic’ I am referring to the understanding that our sexual energy, is the same as life force energy. It’s an ancient understanding which can be found through many tantric teachings. When a woman clears any blocks around sexuality, this allows there to be a free flow of sexual energy. When cultivated, her sexual energy can bring forth qualities such as increased vitality and enhanced creativity.

Is it beneficial for everyone?

Yes. On a practical level, our human body can store unprocessed emotion. The body keeps a score. In particular a woman’s Yoni can hold a magnitude of emotional baggage. Baggage can range from societal conditioning, sexual experiences up until this point, cellular memories and belief systems which are inherited through our DNA from our ancestors. Mostly women don’t realise the importance of connecting with their Yoni until they reach a state of imbalance. Imbalance can look like PCOS, endometriosis, vulvodynia, ongoing UTIs, etc. If women can cultivate a healthy relationship with their Yoni and sexuality NOW, I believe they will be able to find a healthy equilibrium physically and mentally, and avoid bigger health issues showing up in their future.

What else can you do to connect to your Yoni?

I would suggest firstly getting curious. The book ‘Pussy’ changed my life. I also have a podcast called ‘Conversations with Pussy’ which you can find here and also via Apple Podcasts. If you would like practical steps to connect with your Yoni, I’ve collaborated with Merkababox on this product box which contains a guide and specialised women’s health items which will assist on this journey.

To find out more about Grace Hazel and her events go to www.grace-hazel.com or Instagram grace___hazel

By Lucy Sambrook

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