Fake eight hours of sleep with this miracle product

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Fake eight hours of sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep it’s quite literally written all over our face.

Our skin repairs and renews itself while we sleep – hence the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ – so when we deprive ourselves of rest it doesn’t have time to do its thing.

This can lead to dull, puffy and lifeless skin when we wake from our slumber. Unfortunately, this only gets worse for those of us over thirty when our skin starts to lose its resilience.

In addition, sleep deprivation is interpreted by our bodies as a type of stress. This causes the stress hormone cortisol to be produced in greater quantity, which can have a major impact on the health of our skin.

“Cortisol can create a more inflammatory environment in the skin, hence aggravating conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It can also increase sebum production resulting in acne breakouts,” says consultant dermatologist Dr. Sharon Wong.

“Also sustained high levels of cortisol can accelerate skin ageing and the development of wrinkles by contributing to the break down of collagen and elastin.”

Fake eight hours of sleep

How to fake eight hours of sleep

Now, in a perfect world, we’d all just sleep more and have great skin. However, life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to get those magic eight hours.

So, is there a way to look well-rested even when we’re definitely not? Never underestimate the importance of your nighttime skincare routine, says Dr. Wong.

“The skin is in repair mode overnight, so the evening routine is really important to regularly incorporate key active ingredients to support this process.

“The transepidermal water loss (TEWL) through the skin is also greatest at night and can therefore leave your skin looking dehydrated and crepey the following day if the right skincare isn’t followed.”

And the product that will give you woke-up-like-this skin? Shiseido’s Benefiance Overnight Wrinkle Resisting Cream, which has been formulated to minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines triggered by lack of sleep.

Why it works

Shiseido combined vast research and innovation into skin health for a solution for sleep-deprived skin. It uses two patented technologies known as Tencha R.E.M and ReNeura Technology, which looks to boost skin’s self-restoring power overnight via optimisation of your skin sensors.

This works alongside key ingredients such as Japanese algae and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin from within for a fresh face when you wake in the morning.

How to use it

– This is the final step of your night skin routine
– Take a pearl-sized amount and allow it to warm slightly between your fingers
– Apply onto the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin
– Smooth from centre of the face outward in an upward motion

Fake eight hours of sleep

Our verdict

Sam Lewis, DOSE contributing editor, says: “I’m convinced lockdown has accelerated the ageing process and I’ve become very aware of my burgeoning lines and wrinkles. Plus, my skin just hasn’t been looking its freshest lately and I’ve been waking up with a puffy face. However, since Shiseido’s Wrinkle Resisting Cream came into my life it has solved my skin problems.

“This cream is so rich and luxurious and soaks into the skin without any greasiness. The calming floral scent sends you into a relaxing sleep and you wake up looking fresh as a daisy. My skin is much smoother and plumper in the morning and has a natural glow.”

Benefiance Overnight Wrinkle Resisting Cream (£83) is available at SpaceNK. For a limited time, enjoy a complimentary Shiseido Skin & Makeup gift worth £31 when you spend £50 on Shiseido at SpaceNK

This is a partnership feature with Shiseido.

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