Fancy some cruelty-free falsies? Enter vegan false lashes

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Yep that’s right – you can flutter away, cruelty-free. If you liked brow laminating – you’ll love this. The same Knightsbridge salon, BBM, is at the cutting edge of what’s hot, and has just introduced vegan false lashes, that have the same consistency as mink. Full of questions? Don’t worry, so were we.

Are false lashes damaging?

Apparently not. The glue used in the process is approved by ophthalmologists and the amount of used is minimal. There is a downside to this – less glue means that lashes last for three or four weeks, not six like they used it. But, little and often leads the way here.

Are they bespoke?

Yes. “We always look at the natural lashes of each client and analyse which volume and which weight of the lash we can use to not damage hair and make them heavy,” salon owner Yana Gushina tells me. You can also customise your length. Often, people won’t notice you’ve had false lashes, but will comment on how great you look.

What exactly are vegan false lashes?

The lashes have the identical structure and feel as mink. The thick ones feel like fur and the thinner ones feel like silk. All the lashes are vegan. They are made from artificial materials and are hypoallergenic. They have different shades to achieve the most natural look possible: ginger, light brown for blondes, chocolate and black.

Keep it classy and subtle or go all out fluttery – they feel like mink, but they’re vegan. What a win.

By Charlotte

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