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Aleenta Hua Hin

Back in the day, if we wanted to cure ourselves of an ailment, we would rummage around in the bushes in search of a natural remedy.

As we look for ways to boost our wellness as naturally as possible, spas are turning to their own home-grown flora and fauna to offer the ultimate in natural treatments.

Spa Guru Lisa Brown of Luxury Spa Edit gives her recommendations for the spas spearheading the trend…

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Aleenta, Hua Hin

Luxurious and right on the ocean, the Ayurah Wellness Centre at the Aleenta Hua Hin resort promotes an indulgent yet holistic sense of wellbeing. The eco-friendly spa weaves natural ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, mint and ylang yang into its bespoke treatments including scrubs, wraps and massage therapies.

All are grown on the resort’s very own 25-acre organic farm. Ingredients are freshly picked and used immediately to prepare spa products and aromatherapy selections based on guest’s bespoke needs. Grown specifically for their healing and health benefits, hand-grown ingredients include: Ginger oil  – found in the root of the plant, the essential oil has been treasured for thousands of years for its medical abilities to relieve aches and pains. Lemongrass, which helps relieve pain in muscles, joints and headaches as well as boost energy and positivity through its aromatic properties. Ylang ylang – oil from this powerful plant aids hypertension, relieves negative emotions and helps with insomnia.

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Castello del Nero, Italy

Set in 740 acres of cypress trees, olive groves and rolling hills, ESPA at Castello del Nero is the first destination spa in Tuscany, and the region’s first ESPA location. The renowned luxury spa brand has designed the spa’s signature treatments to incorporate seasonal produce from the estate such as homemade extra virgin olive oil, rosemary and soothing lavender.

Castello de Nero Relaxation Ritual combines the natural anti-oxidant qualities of the estates olive oil with sea salt for a rejuvenating exfoliation and the essential oil of lavender for a shoulder dropping Balinese massage – pure Tuscan bliss

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Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, Spain

Perched in it’s very own vineyard in the heart of the Duero Valley, Santuario LeDomaine spa at Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine introduces the spa industry’s first “Spa Sommelier”. Treatments for guests are determined by a tasting ritual. After guests have sniffed a selection of oils and tasted several wines from Abadia Retuerta Winery, the Spa Sommelier analyses their palate and aroma preferences.

The spa experience that fits best with their individual wellness needs is then recommended. The tasting ritual, and the spa experience, simulates a traditional wine tasting experience: the “Five S” steps of See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savour. “The aftertaste” takes the spa experience beyond. Treatments include ‘Le Vintage’ – an anti-oxidant grape seed body polish. Definitely my kind of ‘vineyard to facial’ spa experience!

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The Ritz Carlton, Los Angeles

Who would have thought a luxurious city hotel would incorporate ‘farm to facial’ ingredients into it’s spa! The Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles uses natural ingredients from its very own rooftop garden in it’s ‘Garden to Glamorous Seasonal Scrub’.

The treatment includes a full body exfoliation using homegrown herbs such as rejuvenating mint and rosemary and relaxing basil and sage with other botanicals specifically chosen for their restorative properties. The spa’s delicious Coco-Lime pedicure marries coconut oil with limes grown in the garden.

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Four Seasons, Seychelles

The Indian Ocean was one of the first regions to introduce ‘farm to facial’ and it’s no wonder – the islands that scatter the region are brimming with indigenous flora and fauna. Homegrown coconuts have been used widely in spas across the region for many years.

Massages and body treatments at Four Seasons, Seychelles begin with a foot washing ritual using local cinnamon leaves and fresh seawater. In their Ayurvedic ‘Shirodara’ treatment a stream of warm coconut oil is poured onto the centre of the forehead – the “third eye” chakra – inducing a deep sense of stillness while intensely nourishing the hair and scalp…

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Banyan Tree, Mayakoba, Mexico.001
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Banyan Tree, Mayakoba, Mexico

Banyan Tree Spas use their very own organic product brand. Not exactly ‘farm to facial’ more ‘hive to facial’ but too interesting to not to mention. Unique to Banyan Tree Mayokoba – honey oil is gathered from local Melipona Honey Bees (an ancient Mayan remedy for detoxifying and healing the skin) and used in the spas products.

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