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If there’s one thing we get really excited about at DOSE, it’s a post workout brekkie. But sometimes we’re in a rush and a leisurely round of avocado and eggs just isn’t an option.

If like us, you’ve semi-exhausted the Fiery Eggs and Omega Salmon options at Tossed (though hello 39g Gym Junkie with extra protein!), swing by Farmer J in Aldgate for an on-the-go breakfast wrap instead. Dressed with tahini, zaatar, lemon and chilli, there’s flavour and protein in every mouthful!

Other options include a breakfast pot with avocado, feta and chilli flakes and Shakshuka with eggs poached in tomato sauce and red peppers. They also do a mean harissa omelette and sausage bagel, when only a bagel will do.

Wash it all down with a Matcha Machine, Hail The Kale or a strong Americano (or two) if you’re anything like us.

Farmer J
Photo: Farmer J

A visit to Farmer J on Leadenhall Street is sure to liven up your lunch hour too – so long as you don’t mind being herded like cattle and handed your very own field tray. But then again, that is kind of the whole concept here.

Channel your inner Daisy and choose a grain, main, two sides and a sauce. Mains include grilled miso chicken, charred flank steak and roasted salmon filets.

Farmer J
Photo: Farmer J

Seasonal and sourced from quality farms based in the UK, all the food is prepared that morning. Why not earn some extra brownie points and feed the whole office too? The online form makes it super easy to tailor make each order!

If you’re looking for food that’s good for you, ready when you are, that doesn’t leave you hungry, put down that sad chicken and cucumber sandwich and head to Farmer J. The perfect fuel for a round of punches at 12X3 boxing club, just a 10 minute walk away.

Address: 107 Leadenhall St, London EC3A 4AA

Tube: Aldgate, Bank

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