Fitness hula hoop master Marawa the Amazing on loving your body

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Hula hoop workouts have become the latest Tiktok craze, causing weighted hula hoop sales on Amazon to rocket. Back in September 2020, we chatted to fitness hula hoop master Marawa The Amazing for the DOSE podcast. Have a listen and get inspired and read on for the best hula hoop exercises for beginners and health benefits…


Learn to love your body with hula hooping


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There’s no better way to practice some self love than by blasting out some feel good tunes, channeling our inner feminine, and trying a fitness hula hoop workout with the help of Marawa the Amazing.

Officially the fun way to get fit, the full body workout is favoured by powerful, iconic females such as Beyoncé, Olivia Wilde and Catherine Zeta Jones to sculpt a strong and sexy core.

Fitness hula hoop master Marawa the Amazing

Hula hoop exercise benefits

Effective aerobic workout

Hooping for just 30 minutes a day can burn up to 165 calories, raise your heart rate and target your legs, buttocks and waist. That’s a full body burner!

Mood booster

Besides from the fact that it’s hard not to crack a smile while wiggling your hips, hula hooping gets your endorphins flowing leading to that happy high we all so crave. Hooping can also be introduced into your routine as an act of mindfulness and meditation.


The workout can be done anywhere. From a quick session on a lunch break by the desk, to outdoors in the fresh air, the lightweight hoop is easily transported to the workout area best suited to you.

Accessible to all ages

Hooping for your fitness is achievable no matter how old you are. This workout is family friendly. Get all the girls in your family involved in a hoopathon this International Women’s Day!

The best fitness hula hoop exercises

When getting started with hula hooping, make sure you have the right sized hoop and suitable clothing. It’s also important to maintain proper form with your core engaged throughout the exercises.

In the following Youtube video hula hoop master Marawa talks through some of the best fitness hula hoop exercises to achieve a full body burn.

Or try an online hoop fitness class

Ready to put your skills to the test? Book an online class with Playtone – a playground for alternative fitness and fun. Our favourite class is HOOPTONE – a cardio workout designed by fitness hula hoop master Marawa The Amazing. Spin into shape with adult size hula hoops and tone your core whilst listening to carnival tunes. Forget sit ups, this is the fun way to work your midsection. Follow Playtone on Instagram and tune into their virtual workouts.

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