Founder of TALA Grace Beverley on the DOSE podcast


Next on the DOSE podcast, we welcome the founder of TALA Grace Beverley, a multi entrepreneur who launched sustainable style brand TALA and fitness tech brand Shreddy, whilst studying music at Oxford University.

We talk about her new book Working Hard, Hardly Working about how to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled. Her attitude to side hustles, how important her dog is to her mental health and the sacrifices she has made for her success. She’s only 24 but wow has she achieved a lot already…


As the founder of sustainable style brand TALA and fitness tech brand Shreddy, Grace is a successful female entrepreneur shaking up the business world, with a global digital reach of over 1.5 million.

On the DOSE podcast, we talk about her immense drive that has won her accolades such as London’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year (NatWest GBEA). By the age of just twenty-three, she was named first in Forbes’ 30-under-30 retail and e-commerce list. She graduated from Oxford University, and attained a Sustainable Business accreditation from Harvard Business School.

Her drive to accelerate the slow-fashion space and provide the blueprint for budding entrepreneurs is truly inspiring.

Founder of TALA Grace Beverley on Side Hustles

On the subject of Generation Z’s obsession with productivity and the pressure of having a side hustle, Grace says:

“I built my entire career on side hustles, or side hustling. What is important is that we don’t think that every single hobby we have has to make money. Or every time we’re not doing our day job, we have to be doing another job or selling on Depop, driving on Uber, on Deliveroo or making something on Etsy”. That said she is keen to defend her generation’s need for productivity which is just part of the culture. “All of those things are fantastic and a huge part of what makes this generation (Gen Z) so fantastic”. She argues that equally, if we spend too much time resting, we are missing out on an opportunity to be successful.

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