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Cat Meffan

Yoga teacher, fitness blogger and YouTuber, Cat Meffan is one of those people who radiates positive energy from every pore. When she isn’t filming her weekly online yoga tutorials, or travelling to teach in exotic locations, you’ll usually find her on Instagram striking yet another eye-popping yoga pose.

We met up with the limber lady to discuss her workout regime, how she finds balance, the best place for vegan pizza and more…

Cat Meffan, How did you get into yoga?

My background was in gymnastics and dancing and I was coming out of this phase with struggling with eating disorders and I really wanted to get back into fitness. I knew I was flexible and I knew I could do some weird and wonderful things with my body. I’d been injured and had knee reconstruction so I needed to do something that didn’t have high impact, so someone recommended either yoga or pilates. I dragged my mum along to this yoga class at my local leisure centre, which she still goes to six or seven years later. I remember so clearly doing Trikonasana (triangle pose) and thinking oh my word this is so hard.

Cat Meffan’s advice for people who have never tried yoga?

Don’t give up at the first hurdle and or with your first teacher. There will be people who don’t come back to my classes because it’s not the right style or maybe I’m not the right teacher for them. Try online videos for free and then maybe pay for a class. If you’re going to do yoga online I would recommend going to a few classes as well because nothing beats human interaction and having someone see your alignment.

Cat Meffan
Photo @catmeffan

What’s your weekly workout routine?

In an ideal world I would practice yoga five out of seven days per week and on the other two days do some kind of breath work or meditation. I would like to go to the gym maybe three times per week but I also like hiking, bouldering and gymnastics and just throwing myself around in a park. I used to be very obsessed and have a spreadsheet where I would tick off when I would do my weekly workouts. In some ways it was really motivating but in others it was not the best mindset for me to be in. Now if there’s one week when I’m travelling and the most I get in is 15 minutes of yoga on my mat each day then awesome.

How do you stay motivated?

I love being active and I’m motivated by the feeling of moving and creating shapes and lines with my body.

Who should we be following on Instagram from the yoga community?

My friend Hannah (@gypsyon_ ) and @miguel_hand_balance because he’s the man to learn handstands from. Also @fitqueenirene because she’s all about body confidence and her backbends are beautiful.

Cake or kale?


Cat Meffan
Photo @catmeffan

What does the word balance mean to you? How do you find it?

Balance to me is something that is constant throughout your whole life. You give a bit and you take a bit. It’s not just an end goal. I find balance by switching off my phone. We don’t have phones at the dinner table or in the bedroom and try to have screen turn-off time. I also have a lot of family time and time outside in nature and they cost nothing. Yes, travelling is amazing and holidays are great but actually you can find balance by not spending any money at all.

Cat Meffan
Photo: @catmeffan

Where’s your happy place?

Taking my dog Simba for walks. I’m obsessed with him.

Tell us something nobody knows about you

This is a hard question considering I live my life online… I love Celine Dion and I don’t tell many people that!

Describe your dream day out in London

I would go to a yoga class with either Marcus Veda or Celest Pereria who both teach at Triyoga. I would get avocado on toast at the Hoxton Hotel because I’m a fitness cliché and there’s no denying it’s amazing. I would go to Pickywops and have a vegan pizza for dinner.

Cat Meffan
Photo: @catmeffan

Where can people try your yoga classes?

Frame in Fitzrovia at 6pm every Tuesday.

What’s to come for Cat Meffan?

I’m taking my retreats further away, so far they have just been in the UK and Europe and next year there will be a more exotic location. I also want to grow my YouTube and get out content that people are really enjoying and possibly a shift in Instagram and bringing in yoga tutorials.

Life mantra?

“You can’t rush something that you want to last forever”.

Follow Cat Meffan on Instagram, visit her blog and check out her YouTube channel here.

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