Gin & Yogurt Cocktail anyone?

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gin and yogurt cocktail

Yogurt goes well with many things; smoothies, granola, tzatziki… but have you ever considered mixing it with Gin? No, the world hasn’t gone mad but cocktails are certainly getting more creative and dare we say it, healthier!

‘The Masquerade’ is a gastro bartender gin based cocktail (that goes rather well with seafood). Its delicious flavours won the judges over at the 2016 Mediterranean Cocktail Competition. Here’s how to make one at home…

40 ml Gin Mare

50 ml Greek yogurt

25 ml Carrot and saffron shrub

10 ml lemon juice

Top with almond and honey foam

Glass: Flute

Garnish: Monoka rice cracker

Fill a shaker with ice, add the Gin Mare, Greek yoghurt, lemon juice and carrot and saffron shrub, shake until cold. Strain into a flute glass and top with almond and honey foam. Garnish with a Monoka Rice craker.

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