Going back to the gym? Real women have their say

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Going back to the gym? Real women have their say

After months of uncertainty, our favourite studios will be allowed to reopen in less than ten days time. So, will you be rushing back or steering clear? We asked 9 real women if they will be going back to the gym..

Hannah Fuller, business development manager

I work out most days and it’s a huge part of my life. But to be honest, I’m not in a huge rush to return to the gym. Over the last few months, I’ve developed a good set up at home with weights in my garage, a spin bike, and runs outside. I actually feel I’ve made more progress than ever by having a more focused programme and not being sidetracked by the temptation of classes. The one thing I do miss is the social element and I’m looking forward to going back to gyms for this. No doubt, I will be one of the first ones back in there but I can’t say I’m desperately awaiting the day as I’m quite content for now.

Kate Marshall, PR

Going back to the gym? Real women have their say

I’m not in a huge rush to go back and would rather let things settle down before I book any classes again. I’m definitely missing the gym community though.

Sinead Lambert, PR

Yes, I will be! I have missed my routine so much and I just haven’t got into home workouts in the same way. To be honest, I see little heightened risk between a workout and being able to attend a night out in the pub!

Claire McQue, Social Editor

Going back to the gym? Real women have their say

I would love to go back to the gym. I miss the group ambiance of yoga, the breathing, the music, the aromatherapy, plus the ‘mini spa’ feeling that you get from going to a gym, which is impossible to recreate back home. You also feel so much more satisfied finishing a hard HIT class at a gym than at home.

Also having done too much running during lockdown, I have injured myself a bit, so low-impact but effective exercise is now what I fancy. I’m considering getting a PT too as lockdown has made me realise how nice it is to feel fit and strong, and I don’t want to lose that!

That said, it would be really annoying if it’s too difficult to book a class if demand is so high for limited spaces. I would also only be going to gyms very close to my house (so less geographical variety than usual with ClassPass).

Ngoni Chikwenengere, Womenswear Designer

Going back to the gym? Real women have their say

No way. I’ve been working out at home and have lost a stone because it’s been easier for me to stay consistent with a gym routine.

Lucy Sambrook, DOSE contributor & PR

I miss the energy of group exercise classes and yoga so much! Before lockdown I used ClassPass where I loved trying out different classes at places like Chroma yoga, Blok and Frame in Shoreditch. These classes were the highlight in my working week.

I’m personally really looking forward to going back to these and I know classes will have a reduced capacity so will be safe. The gym I’m more hesitant about, as I’m not clear how everything will stay clean, plus I’ve dropped a lot of money on home weights during lockdown!

Emily Bryant, PR Consultant

I definitely want to go back to the gym – especially given that pubs are open again and people are flouting the 2m rule. It seems crazy that gyms aren’t open yet. I think gyms will take things really seriously, as they care about health above anything else (unlike pubs!). I’ll be so happy to be in a clean, well-ventilated gym, as I feel like the rules will be respected there.

Taylor O’Callaghan, Customer Relations Manager

I certainly won’t be rushing back! I’ve totally reverted back to bodyweight exercises and have really seen a difference in results (classic bodyweight squats, press-ups and crunches etc). Before lockdown, I was using the treadmill quite a lot but have now enjoyed going on new routes on my runs and finding new parks/areas around me and even using stairs for HIIT workouts.

I do miss group classes but doing Instagram lives (sometimes whilst Zooming my friends) has been lots of fun and the thought of being in a gym/class with strict regulations, then travelling home on the tube/bus really doesn’t appeal to me.

Amira Arasteh, Journalist

I started going to the gym as a way to eat pizza and stay trim so I was worried what a closed-gym lockdown would bring. However, I’ve absolutely loved all the online classes and have really enjoyed making my own weekly workout routine from a variety of trainers’ sessions on Instagram and Zoom. So…do I really need the gym itself?

I’ve definitely questioned whether I’d go back but I did like the push physically leaving the house gave me and the use of the machines and weights (I still can’t get dumbbells and kettlebells anywhere!) I am still being so careful about going out, so even if gyms did reopen I’d exercise (no pun intended!) caution.

Obviously it also depends on how many classes will continue online as to what I end up doing. I’m not throwing away my gym membership just yet but it will be interesting to see the measures put in place for when they do reopen.

By Sam

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