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You know you’ve arrived at the right place when you’re greeted by an Asian beauty in a floor length red gown and matching lipstick… but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Shangri-La.

The opulent hotel occupying the 34th to 52nd floors of architect Renzo Piano’s iconic Shard building is also home to intimate bar – Gōng.

With panoramic views that take you across London and beyond, it’s no wonder this place gets busy. There isn’t a terrace but when you’re serving such delectable elixirs at this height, that’s probably a good thing. It would pose a health and safety nightmare.

The ‘Director’s Cut’ cocktail menu draws its inspiration from some of the cinemas’ greatest minds, capturing their passion for storytelling, inventiveness and vision in a selection of unique blends.

Adventure/Fantasy drinks are light and refreshing. Romantic/Sci-fi – fruity. Thriller/Drama – sweet and sour, while Crime/Action cocktails are suitably strong!

Find your mocktails in the Animation/Superhero section. From ‘Oo De Lally’ with beetroot. ‘Web-Slinger’ with spinach and Seedlip. ‘Adamantium’ with matcha, and ‘Tetsuo’ with bamboo charcoal tea.

Some of our favourites include the George Lucas inspired ‘Feel The Force’ that comes levitating. Hitcock’s containing Absinthe and some macabre sounding ‘morlacco blood‘ that’s really just cherry liquor – promise

And who could forget Baz Luhrmann’s that comes presented in a red velvet music box. Boomerangs at the ready.

As is the case with most sky bars, expect to pay a bit more. But it’s totally worth it.

While most cities charge for viewing platforms, in this one you get to enjoy the view from a velvet seat sipping beautifully presented cocktails inspired by your favourite movies.

As Baz Luhrmann once said: ‘Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone”. On that note, make sure you take the lift.

Address: The Shard, Shangri-La Hotel, 31 St Thomas St, London SE1 9QU

Tube: London Bridge (Northern)

Price: From £11.00 (see the full menu here)

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by Becky

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