Greg Rutherford on medals, MasterChef and mindset


Greg Rutherford is one of the most successful British long jumpers of all time. His greatest sporting achievement came in 2012 when he won a gold medal at the London Olympic Games on ‘Super Saturday’.

Greg Rutherford on medals, Masterchef and mindset

In this episode of the DOSE podcast, he reflects on his athletics career, including suffering from performance anxiety and his healthy rivalry with Chris Tomlinson. He also discusses his retirement from the sport, his current training regime and how mountain biking has replaced the buzz of competing.

And of course, we had to grill him about his keen interest in cooking and what it felt like to be crowned the winner of Celebrity MasterChef in 2019.

“I wasn’t some great cook before I started the show and had only cooked really basic things. But since the show I have been able to hone some skills and work hard,” he says. “What comes with my personality and the traits I learned as an athlete I can transfer to other things. Shows such as MasterChef are a great opportunity for me to switch on that competitive side of my brain again.”

Plus, the long jump legend talks about the joys of fatherhood and how he maintains an unceasingly positive outlook on life.

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