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If your Thursday evenings used to consist of circulating client parties, or drowning your sorrows with wine whilst offloading your woes on the nearest available party – it’s time to mix it up. Sweat off that tension instead and bust a groove in the process at Third Space Canary Wharf.

Groove Cycle “The Dance-Cycle Session” could be just the party fix you’re after – with far healthier consequences. Go on a euphoric, music lead journey while cycling to the rhythm of different tempos and musical genres.

This class is all about feeling good, having fun and releasing stress in the process. With all that dance action, you’ll improve your rhythm, co-ordination, posture and balance while you’re at it!

As for intensity, the workout is enjoyable yet challenging thanks to hand weights and lots of upper body choreography. But it’s worth it for that endorphin rush!

Try a session with Elaine, whose playlist spans everything from Pop and R&B to Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and House.

With the whole class whooping and cheering, you’ll feel like you’re on an actual night out. Come here with a gang of friends to get the studio really grooving. And reward efforts with a sushi feast at ROKA.

Address: Third Space Canary Wharf, 16-19 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5ER

Tube: Canary Wharf (Jubilee)

Price: Introductory offer £20 for 2 credits + 1 friend credit. 4 class pack £44.

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By Celine

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