A Guide to Healthier Tipples

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Drink more mindfully and moderately in 2017. Rather than binging on sugary pints and bottles of wine, try mixing some flavoursome fizzy tea with a splash of gin, or sparkling grapefruit and pineapple water with a dash of vodka. Or be a rebel and go alcohol free…

What: A non-alcoholic spirit made from six botanicals; allspice, grapefruit, lemon peel, cardamom, American oak and cascarilla bark. You can almost convince yourself you’re drinking a gin and tonic… Great if you’re pregnant or the designated taxi driver this Christmas!
Mix with: Fever-Tree tonic and a grapefruit twist
Price: £27.99

JARR Kombucha
What: Fizzy fermented tea that’s great for your gut, low in sugar and packed with naturally occurring probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids! We recommend the ginger version in a cocktail.
Mix with: A splash of gin and lemon
Price: £6.50

UGLY Water
What: If you’re familiar with flavoured water, you know most of it is packed with sugar or sweeteners. Ugly isn’t dressed up to look pretty, it’s UNSWEET and has nothing to hide. Just sparkling water infused with natural fruit flavours. We like the Grapefruit & Pineapple flavour (it tastes a bit like Lilt without the sugar).
Mix with: A splash of vodka to liven things up!
Price: £1.15 per can

Skinny Prosecco
What: Created in the provence of Treviso in Italy with 7g of sugar per litre added in the production process. Organic and vegan certified. This is for the new wave of wine lovers who want to enjoy top quality sparkling wine whilst cutting sugar and drinking cleaner!
Mix with: Plum, thyme and lemon – see the full recipe here 
Price: £18.00

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