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Should I stay or should I go… This is the question many of us are pondering right now. Do we call time on ClassPass and purchase packs at our favourite boutiques? Abandon the pay-as-you-train model for a gym membership? Juggle a bit of both? Test out flexi services like DIBS? Or hold out for Reserve with Google – the game changing class subscription service that will integrate with all booking systems to make planning after-work sweat sessions a simple, seamless affair (without you ever leaving Google. Imagine if it could book your dinner reservations too…)

Feeling confused about what to do next? Here are some options…


What: A monthly membership that connects you with hundreds of fitness studios
Good for: Londoners who like variety, get a buzz from visiting new studios and are prepared to travel for their workouts
Price: 3 classes for £35/month (visit any studio up to 1x) 5 classes for £55/month (visit any studio up to 2x), 10 classes for £105/month (visit any studio up to 3x)
Positives: A 10 class pack on ClassPass is still £75 less than your standard London boutique studio. They are forever running promotions to keep you locked in
Negatives: A-list studios aren’t featured
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What: One membership to hundreds of local gyms, studios and classes
Good for: People who like to mix up going to the gym with swimming, climbing, yoga and spinning
Price: £24.49 for unlimited use of 333 venues in London, and 100’s more across the UK
Positives: 7 days free trial and savings on services such as PT, massage and physio
Negatives: Quantity over quality
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What: A service that lets you choose the best price for you based on real-time demand. Class prices are based on consumer demand. For example, the price of a low-demand early afternoon class can be lower than a high-demand evening class.
Good for: Flexible workers who want to visit off peak classes and pay less
Price: No fixed price
Positives: Includes popular boutique studios like Core Collective and PHIIT
Negatives: Early days so choice is limited
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What: Luxury health clubs in Soho, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and Marylebone.
Good For: Time poor, cash rich Londoners who like to work out in style
Price: £130 – £159 per month not including joining fee
Positives: Pool and spa access, GP assessments and luxury changing facilities plus a range of classes from yoga, barre, cycling, after burner and HIIT
Negatives: Membership means commitment
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What: Known as ‘the best workout in the world’, fusing high-intensity interval training with strength work for an endorphin charged workout
Good For: Londoners who like to go hard, feel the burn and see results fast
Price: £20 per class
Positives: Multiple locations across London in East, Central and West – coming in March 2017
Negatives: Go hard or go home
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What: Pay as you train HIIT, Cycle and Yoga under one roof
Good For: Those who like to mix up boutique style classes, without switching studios
Price: £20 per class
Positives: Centrally located in the heart of London with great music, challenging classes and trendy instructors
Negatives: One location only
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What: London’s original party gym with a diverse mix of classes from yoga on a surfboard to raving with glow sticks
Good For: Those who want the fun classes associated with boutiques, in the same space as their treadmills and functional equipment
Price: £53 – £112 per month depending on length of contract
Positives: Non-members can use GYMBOX on a day pass for a cost of £20. Eight locations across London (Bank, Covent Garden, Farringdon, Holborn, Old Street, Victoria, Westfield London and Westfield Stratford)
Negatives: Find no haven of tranquility
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What: Challenging, systemised, functional training combining 45-second workout periods, with 15-second breaks
Good For: Those who like a team challenge
Price: £20 Drop in (10 sessions £175)
Positives: 7 day free trial. 7 different types of classes. Screens display exercises so there’s no danger of getting lost in the routines
Negatives: Not good if you like training solo
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