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Freefall stunt jumping, giant catapult-building, hovercraft racing, woodland apothecary and a morning yoga-rave at an adventure festival…

Camp Wildfire (31st Aug – 3rd Sept 2018) is a weekend of adventure activities and forest parties, exclusively for adults, hidden away in a secret pine forest in Kent just forty minutes from Central London.

Immersed in a Wes Anderson 1950s style camp and steeped in an ethos of adventure, exploration and releasing your inner child, Camp Wildfire offers a range of activities inspired by adventure sports, bushcraft and wellbeing…

By night a wealth of DJ talent and live acts to be announced will ensure the weekend is transformed into half adventure camp, half music festival. Luxury lodging packages include a pre-pitched and sumptuously cosy bell-tent; the perfect treat at the end of a long day of adventure.

The festival provides a whole range of exciting, challenging and heart-racing activities that are sure to challenge both the body and mind. Take flight by hovercraft racing, freefall stunt jumping or even build yourself a giant catapult. Alternatively, there’s the chance to get down-and-dirty in an immersive experience by taking part in a survival run that will test endurance. The return of the adrenaline-inducing 100ft extreme water slide will catapult participants down ‘Adventure Valley’.

Camp Wildfire isn’t just about physical adventure but mindfulness and mental wellbeing too. The meditation classes are designed to rejuvenate the body and cleanse the mind against the backdrop of the beautiful woodland backdrop. The mix of Yoga, Meditation and Woodland Apothecary Workshops are sure to leave festival-goers feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Through an immersive wilderness experience, Camp Wildfire offers the chance to witness the untouched clear skies of the countryside, providing the perfect opportunity for an astronomy party.

There’s the chance for all to channel their inner artist and get creative juices flowing, by participating in the range of arts and crafts activities. From carving a totem or tie-dying a favourite old tee, you’ll have an opportunity to make and take home a lasting memory from the weekend. Meanwhile, the plethora of performing arts activities on offer range from swing dancing to circus aerial silks.

Break away from metropolitan life by taking things back to basics. The selection of bushcraft activities are designed to test one in their natural element. There’s the chance to learn a whole new set of skills such as fire lighting, shelter building or trapping. For those willing to take part in something more hair raising, the bush tucker trials are sure to be fun and thrilling.

Puzzle games like escape and evade and the scavenger hunt are designed to challenge the mind as well as physical fitness. Then there’s the hyper-competitive Wildfire Patrol Games that see attendees compete in disciplines from water balloon fights to capture the flag to a post-apocalyptic zombie run in a bid to claim the Wildfire Cup for their Patrol.

Where else can adults relive the summer camps of their youth in full scout regalia and be applauded for it? This unique immersive experience is unlike any other festival. Camp Wildfire’s wide selection of challenges and team games helps build relationships and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Legendary house DJ Norman Jay MBE will be providing festival goers with the electrifying set of a lifetime. Meanwhile DJ Luck & MC Neat will provide an exhilarating set to match the festivals fast-paced revelry, inciting party-powered nostalgia through the camp with classic hits such as A Little Bit of Luck and Masterblaster2000 amongst an array of garage mega hits.

This secret camp nestled in the beautiful Kent heritage pine forest is an adult-only retreat offering the chance to relieve the body and mind, giving revellers an escape from the commotion of city life with a weekend of challenging and inspiring activities.

Then as darkness falls, they can watch Wildfire transform into a world of music and festivity. It’s the opportunity for adults to share stories, make memories and revitalise.

Weekend tickets start at only £134 from www.campwildfire.co.uk

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