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Next on the DOSE podcast, we welcome the brilliant vegan activist and Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, who is about to launch into Season 3 of her award-winning podcast – The ChickPeeps. A friendly, fun and free-flowing ethical vegan podcast driven by a quest to be more compassionate towards animals. The new season is launching to tie in with World Vegan Day at the start of November. Be sure to tune in and listen to some amazing guests including Fearne Cotton.

Evanna is also the co-founder of cruelty-free cosmetics brand Kinder Beauty Box, which she launched with her friend and ethical entrepreneur, Daniella Monet.

Evanna Lynch

Harry Potter to Vegan Activism

In this episode we talk about how Evanna coped with fame after starring in the Harry Potter movies, where she gained acclaim for her “spellbinding” performance starring in the role as Luna Lovegood.

We also discuss her position as the “creative one” in the family, her struggle with her identity and battle with an eating disorder growing up, and how she now celebrates her body through aerial yoga at studios like Flying Fantastic.

She explains how her struggle with anorexia made going vegan tricky at first. “It was bringing up a lot of weirdness and guilt around food”, she says, but after discovering the “crowding out method” where you add vegan options in before removing anything from your diet, she started to build a healthy relationship with food.

“Before, food was all about calories and what it would do to my body”, she says, “but with veganism, it became about something more than me and myself, it was about a cause and being more aligned with who I was”.

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