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The brainchild of adman turned entrepreneur, Richard Hilton, Gymbox set out to make working out feel like going out and exercise fun. Gone are the days of soulless gyms – with locations all over London, Gymbox is home to Olympic-size boxing rings alongside spin studios, free weights and live DJs as well as a serious selection of classes – there’s 104 to choose from per week! With this in mind, DOSE contributor Amber Morgan flexed her pass to bring you the lowdown on some of their most popular sessions…

Bike & Beats

Classed as ‘Sweat Drench’ on Gymbox’s rota, Bike & Beats will leave you just that – soaked through and dripping. Our class began with a gradual increase of resistance to get our glutes engaged and blood pumping.

Using state of the art ICG7 spin bikes, which feature a colour mode to allow you to see how much effort you’re putting in in comparison to your comrades (read: competitors), the next 45 minutes consist of low and high resistance sprints, hill climbs and intervals, all set to pumping tunes and dimmed lights.

Rest periods are short, effort is high and sweat is real. It’s a guaranteed workout – but you must be ready to feel the burn. If you do, you’ll end the class with on a serious endorphin high.

Photo: Gymbox

Ripped & Stripped

A resistance-based class that puts the ‘work’ into ‘workout’, Ripped & Stripped kicks off with an energetic warm up to a clubland track.

The next 45 minutes see us squat, lunge, press and curl our way through three rounds of upper body and three rounds of lower body supersets. Everyone has their own station of benches and weights, and each exercise is executed to a specific tempo (a great way to challenge muscles to adapt), meaning you’ll feel part of the whole while being able to focus on yourself.

It’s a great class to supplement your existing training regime, and while the exercises change up each week, it’s easy to track your progress as you challenge yourself and move on to heavier weights.

Photo: Gymbox


One of the newer classes on Gymbox’s timetable, RowingWOD is a sure-fire way to hone your strength, skill and fitness.

Technique comes first and foremost as our coach starts with a recap of correct form as well as racing starts. Once we’re in the zone, we move on to drill work in partners, with partner one rowing to a specific tempo as partner two does burpees by the rower before switching over.

Up next is the main event – the WOD, which features 10 rounds of 1 minute rowing for calories. It sounds simple but hell, it feels tough. Pacing in this is paramount – the aim is to get the same number of calories in round 10 as round 1.

If you love getting sweaty, give this class a go. Low-impact and seriously challenging, it’s a great way to increase aerobic capacity as well as mental and physical strength.

Locations: Bank, Covent Garden, Farringdon, Holborn, Old Street, Victoria, Westfield London, Westfield Stratford

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