Head of delivery at a start up: How much do you spend on your wellbeing?

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Want to know what Anna, the Notting Hill-based head of delivery of a West Coast funded tech start up spends on her health and wellbeing? From oat milk cappuccinos to reformer pilates classes, it’s all worth it to keep her looking chic in her WeWork office…


Head of Delivery

Where is home?

Notting Hill

How much do you earn?

£45k +

Gym membership, pay-as-you-go classes or both?

Pay-as-you-go classes. I like the flexibility of classes – plus I’m a sucker for marble bathrooms, Malin +  Goetz products, model-esque trainers and overpriced smoothies after class.

How much do you spend on your wellbeing per month?

£200 on Heartcore Pilates (which are supplemented by Good Life Eatery goodies every Saturday after a class with my best friend.)

£110 on Class Pass

£100+ on additional classes including Barrecore, Psycle and “yin” yoga classes.

£150 (monthly average) on manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading and massages. A massage is my true guilty pleasure and I will visit Koia on Notting Hill Gate on a quiet night in. They have the best massages in town!

£200 – juices, smoothies and non-dairy lattes!

Total: £770 per month

What is the most extravagant thing you’ve ever done for your wellbeing?

After a break up, I took myself on solo spa weekends. I had treatments, delicious food, circuits of Thalassotherapy pools, steam rooms and sunshine. I also regularly spend way too much money on the latest supplements. Unfortunately, I’m too quick to move onto the next before I’ve seen the impact. A Nordic retreat with hiking, massages and wellness is high on my list.

If you don’t work out regularly and eat healthily, how do you feel?

Spotty, soft around the edges and foggy!

Is health the new wealth?

It’s a huge investment. Most of my monthly take-home income goes on exercise classes and fun “healthy” snacks. Of course, these are shortly offset by gorging at new London restaurants! I am a big believer in finding a balance but I’d definitely like to see more gym studios like Frame which are reasonably priced, so this lifestyle can be accessible to all.

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