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Roller Disco

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. Whether you’re going head to head on a spin bike, at the darts board, roller disco or golf course. Or perhaps you’d like to show your friends just what you’re made of with some good old fashioned laser tag. Whatever your method, here’s some inspiration for finding your competitive edge…

What: Don your skates and show off some fancy footwork with a boogie round London’s first rooftop roller disco. Get down to some 80s classics and re-live your Starlight Express days. All ages welcome at weekends from mini movers to geriatric jammers. The snazzy Roller Dome will keep the rink dry if there’s a summer shower so you can disco come rain or shine.
Where: Roof East, 45a Broadway, London, E15 1XD
Price: £8 per person (excluding skates). £10 per person (including skates).
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What: Remember that absolute baller of a 9th birthday you had at laser tag all those years ago? Well the time has come to re-live it. Step into a lost city of derelict buildings and macabre graveyards, where your mission is simple… to destroy the enemy. While working up quite a sweat in the process.
Where: (Secret location), Whitechapel, London, E1 2EG
Price: Tickets from £13
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Flight Club
Photo: Flight Club Darts

What: Andy Fordham may have won a world title while completely sozzled, but we don’t advise you follow suit. This game takes a steady hand and skill. Put your tactics to the test at Flight Club. Darts reinvented for the twenty first century with tracking technology, instant scoring and a slick, intuitive user interface.
Where: Flight Club Bloomsbury, 55 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1BS or Flight Club Shoreditch, 2a Worship Street, London EC2A 2AH
Price: £25 (peak). £15 (off peak).
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Swingers Crazy Golf
Photo: Swingers Crazy Golf

What: Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate crazy golf champion? Get the boss to cough up and enter 8 players (2 teams of 4) from your company. Compete in a competition against others from the same industry for your chance to win some amazing prizes.
Where: 8 Brown’s Buildings, (between Bury Street and St Mary Axe), London, EC3A 8AL
Price: £160 per team (two teams per company). Receive a place in the tournament, a Tanqueray No. TEN and tonic on arrival, a bite to eat from street food vendors and a drink from the bar.
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Digme Fitness

What: A competitive indoor cycling class (next door to Barrecore in Moorgate). Clamber aboard your bike, face your instructor (and cartoon avatar) and pedal for a top place on the leaderboard. Measure your calories, watts, energy, miles and RPM in the process. Results are delivered straight to your inbox post class.
Where: Moor Place (via Moor Lane), 1 Fore Street, London, EC2Y 5EJ
Price: Intro offer 2 credits + 1 buddy credit £20 (bring your pal along then they’ll have to let you win)
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