Heatless Hair and Home Made Scrubs – beauty hacks to try at home

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With salons closed, many of us are getting increasingly tempted to experiment with beauty treatments at home. From a heatless hair curling ribbon to home made scrubs, Demi rounds up the best beauty hacks that can be done from the comfort of your sofa, while you binge-watch Bridgerton…

Beauty hacks to try at home

Heatless Hair

Regency style tendrils are all the rage thanks to Netflix series Bridgerton. Get the look without damaging your locks with Heatless Hair. The curling ribbon is made of real silk and is designed to create a gentle way of curling your hair. Simply wrap individual strands of wet hair around the ribbon as if you were curling your hair on the curling iron. You can leave the curling ribbon in your hair for 3-6 hours or until your hair is dry. You can also sleep with it overnight.

Tip, if you’re like me and lack patience, try blow-drying the hair to speed up the drying process. These will give you those dream curls in a matter of minutes. Check out the brand here or this cheaper alternative on Amazon.

Home Made Coffee Scrub


Coined by Pinterest, “skinimalism” is going to be big in 2021 and it’s all about embracing your natural skin and super-minimal makeup.

If you’re looking to refresh your skin this winter, this at home exfoliator scrub is the answer to your prayers. Combine coffee grounds with sugar and olive oil in a small pot, and there you have it! It couldn’t be easier.

With oils to nurture your skin and caffeine to help recover your skin’s elasticity, this is the easiest way to make your skin appear healthier. Check out this video for the tips on how to make and apply the scrub.

Jade Rollers

I’m sure you’ve seen them before, but Jade rollers are an essential for at home beauty. Like a mini massager for the face, they stay cool too so are great for reducing face puffiness and dark circles.

Make sure your skin is make-up free and clean before applying the chosen moisturiser, oil or serum. The Jade roller website suggests that you only roll in one direction (not back and forth). On the face always roll up and out towards your hairline and outer edge of your face. On your neck and chest, you can roll downwards and towards your heart.

The direction of rolling is important because you’re rolling towards the lymphatic drainage points on your face and body. This helps to flush out any reserved fluids. Your body does this process naturally during the day. But even a few minutes of rolling helps speed up the process. Check out this video for the best massage techniques with a Jade roller. Buy Jade rollers here on Cult Beauty.

For more at home beauty ideas check out our other DOSE article; The best at home beauty treatments to try now . 

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