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Once upon a time, in a land about 10 years ago, sex toys were a filthy secret stealthily swept up in a traumatic trip to Anne Summers, punctured with cries of ‘NO, I don’t need any help thank you’ to overbearing shop assistants. Luminous pink members were hidden at the bottom of drawers or disguised as lipsticks. Toys were seen as something you used if you were particularly saucy, or to spice up a couples sex life. Fast forward to 2020 and we’re welcoming in a revolution of sexual wellness and pleasure positivity. Here are the tops trends for sex toys we’re seeing this year…

Pleasure as wellness

Instead of a once in a blue moon erotic fantasy, we’re slowly realising that orgasms and self-pleasure can be a natural and enjoyable part of a daily or weekly self-care routine. Orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin, which can improve your mood and create a natural high. They relieve stress and menstrual cramps, help you sleep better and get you more in tune with your body. Absolutely zero down-sides!

V-Day Work Out

Some sex-toy companies such as Kandid have even designed toys to give pleasure AND improve your pelvic floor by basically working your vagina muscles out. Their vibrating love egg is one of the best foreplay sex toys out there, but it is also super beneficial for vaginal wellness – as it helps to increase tightness for increased pleasure. A soft silicone love egg houses a free-roaming ball that creates deep, rumbly and sensational vibrations which can be customised across it’s 9 modes. Hand over the controls to your partner with wireless remote function up to 10 metres, and if you’re looking for that extra thrill – take The Rumbly One out and about for a spin without anyone knowing!

Sexual mindfulness & meditation

In contrast to the other trends, this one does not revolve around new technologies, but around the reflection on “tried and tested” ones. Mindful sex is about taking it slow, the pleasure and all sensations are consciously perceived and felt. The trend of “conscious living” will therefore also be evident in our sex lives. Terms like “body journey” or “body scan” are well known from yoga and meditation. It’s about “being sex” instead of “having sex”!  Important: Mindful sex doesn’t just happen and you have to consciously take your time. It is advisable to make a fixed appointment with your *m partner* – preferably for several hours.

Solo Sex Positivity

Sex positive Instagram influencers such as Ruby Rare are pioneering the sex positive movement, and have coined the term solo-sex instead of the rather clinical masturbation. Follow her Instagram for top tips and honest product recommendations on how to make that party for one the best.

Gender Neutral Sex Toys

A concrete gender classification is nowadays (fortunately) increasingly questioned. Inclusive stores such as Kandid and We-Vibe have picked up on this and label their toys via body parts or functions rather than genders.  They stimulate different areas of the body and make it possible that one does not have to identify with any gender. Genderless sex toys come in a wide variety of forms, mostly made of soft, flexible silicone and multifunctional.

Next level stimulation for men

The forecast says that the global sex toy market will grow from USD 26.5 billion in 2019 to USD 34.8 billion in 2023. One of the most exciting trends for 2020 will be the focus on toys for men. In the past, there has been a strong focus on the development of sex toys for the female sex. Women have thus become the main target group in recent years.  The so-called “Orgasm Gap” has caused a sensation and interest in society, so that topics related to female stimulation have become a lifestyle topic. This is also evident in the numerous high-quality, aesthetic and sophisticated products available on the market. There is still room for improvement in the men’s market especially as there is an increasing interest from men in sex toys. Even topics such as prostate stimulation are no longer as taboo as they used to be. The offer of sex toys for the male sex and the openness towards it, will pick up enormously in the coming year.

 VR glasses, 3D printing, sex robots & AI

As in recent years, virtual reality continues to gain importance. Worldwide sales of VR products are estimated at USD 19 billion in 2021, including livestream VR sex cams, 360° porn experiences, binaural sound systems and integrative sex toys. 

The latter can respond to erotic radio plays, meet fantasies after sex with famous people and generally take the senses on a creative, virtual journey. According to a forecast, by 2024 it will be possible to have sex with anyone, at any time, in any place and at any age. Over the next ten years, the full potential of 3D printers for the sex industry will also unfold. New technologies will give sex dolls and robots a new image and make them accessible to the masses. They will be equipped with artificial intelligence and thanks to cloud and hard disk their owners will be able to have conversations with them. The robots will be able to remember their owners’ loves, hobbies and interests. Electrochips, which are installed under the silicone, ensure that the robots can also react to touches. 

Teledildonics and Long-Distance-Toys

Nowadays, thanks to app control, it is possible to control the sex toy of a partner across continents. The We-Vibe brand was a pioneer in this field and launched the first app in the sex toy sector, seven years ago. At the time, the industry was still very sceptical about this and did not believe that it would prevail. Today it makes many partners – especially in long-distance relationships – very happy.  A technology that continues to advance is called Teledildonics. These are products that interact with each other and can react to each other. Sensors make this possible. If you visualise this, the whole thing looks like this: One part is at home with a vibrator and is satisfied with it. The movements, e.g. in and out, are then sent via WLAN to the coupled toy of the other part. 

By Lucy

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