HIIT ME UP – Energising Essential Oils To Boost Your Mood & Workout

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HIIT ME UP energising essential oils

Ever thought of using essential oils to elevate your workout? Now you can with DOSE mood mists. HIIT ME UP is a mood boosting mist with natural energising essential oils; orange, lemon, lime, eucalyptus and bergamot, to boost your mood and your workout. Spray and inhale when you need a hit of energy pre-workout or when you need to feel buzzed.

We know that movement has a transformative effect on our mood but sometimes we need help getting in the zone. Sometimes we’re not in the mood to exercise and lack that ‘yang’ energy, which we associate with happy hormones dopamine and endorphins that motivate and drive us towards our goals.

When you’re not in the mood to workout, spray and inhale HIIT ME UP for an instant lift. The equivalent of a coffee shot without the jitters that will leave you feeling fired up, more positive and motivated. The result of energising essential oils; eucalyptus, orange, lime, lemon and bergamot. Bringing you one step closer to the endorphin rush.

HIIT ME UP is the ultimate gym bag companion. Don’t believe us? Samantha Stone, Master Trainer at Barry’s says “I can’t live without it! A quick spritz of HIIT ME UP pre workout and I am ready to go. I’m hooked”.

Energising Essential Oils
HIIT ME UP Energising essential oils

How does HIIT ME UP work?

When we inhale essential oils, they transform our mood and change how we feel. Essential oils stimulate the neurons in our olfactory bulb, directly connected to the limbic system, responsible for our emotions. Eucalyptus, bergamot and citrus essential oils have been specifically chosen for their mood boosting effects.

5 Energising Essential Oils in HIIT ME UP


Uplifting scents of citrus will lift the mood, reduce anxious thoughts and irritability so you can be the best version of yourself.


Both uplifting and calming, Bergamot is one of the best all-round essential oils for balancing out the central nervous system.


This fresh, invigorating remedy will boost energy levels and focus. Great for banishing brain fog, so you can think with a clear head.

Simply spritz HIIT ME UP around you, or your “aura” if you’re being “woo woo”, and inhale for an instant lift. Not to be sprayed directly on the face. This is not skincare but a product designed to take your mind and body to a happier, more “buzzed” state via your sense of smell.

So what are you waiting for. Ready to “come up”, as the beat drops like you’re flying on endorphins? Take a hit of this mood boosting mist to get in the zone for your workout. The yang to your yin. Let’s do this, dopamine machine.

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