How I found my tribe... at Barry's Bootcamp


They say Barry’s Bootcamp is addictive – and for Daniella Brower, 27, it’s become a thrice-weekly habit, that adds far more to her life than just fitness. Here’s how she found her tribe.

What prompted you to sign up to Barry’s?

I’d heard people talking about Barry’s (more specifically how hard it was!) and I wanted to give it a try. It did take a good few weeks to actually get booked in and give it a go for the first time.

How does Barry’s make you feel?

Strong. For me that’s what I love so much about the classes, whatever has happened during the day or however I am feeling, for that hour I just feel strong, fit and fast.

How have your friendships progressed since you joined?

It’s such a great opportunity to hang out with friends. I make a point of arranging classes with friends, rather than dinner, and we grab a smoothie and chat afterwards. I’ve also met great people at Barry’s – everyone is likeminded and on the same page, which really helps.

Barry's Bootcamp West
Barry’s Bootcamp
What is your advice to others who are feeling lonely in our city?

Give it a try, everyone is so friendly and can all remember being a first timer. Meet people are there after work or go with friends on a weekend, followed by brunch of course, and it’s really easy to get chatting.

Why do you prefer Barry’s to the gym?

The trainers! No matter whose class you go to they really are the best. They have so much energy, enthusiasm and push you beyond what you could ever do alone in a gym or another workout. I’m even running those 12.5mph sprints I never thought would have been possible a year ago. A particular mention to Anya, George and Izy – thanks guys!

How has this Barry’s lifestyle changed your life for the better?

I love having an hour a day to switch off any other thoughts in my head and just focus on myself. And since I got my boyfriend hooked too it’s a great date night alternative to going out drinking (unless its a shake from the fuel bar!) But mostly there is just no better feeling to have in your day than walking out of the red room having had a great class.

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