How the moon can affect your mood

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How the moon can affect your mood

Can we really blame our rollercoaster-like emotions on that big glowing disk in the sky? Merilyn Keskula, founder of Mylky Moon Lab, believes so. Here she explains how the moon and its five main phases can affect our mood…

Does the moon affect our mood?

1. Dark moon

The mood: Dark Moon is the time before the New Moon (I count the starting point as 72 hours before the New Moon). This is the most ‘feminine’ and inward-looking time of the month, where the energy is at its lowest and the focus should be on resting and just ‘being’. Being present with what is without the need to change or do. For the dark moon days, it’s beneficial to cut out everything that is non-essential and only do things that your body and soul truly feel called to do (rather than listen to the endless to-do lists of the mind). The focus is on completion and clearing.

What to do: Physically – long sleeps, naps, meditation, walks in nature, baths, candlelight. Allowing your body to rest and detox by only eating simple nourishing foods. Emotionally – solo time or being with best friends or partners. Whatever puts you into receiving mode is best.

2. New Moon

The mood: With the rebirth of the new moon cycle, the focus is turning towards creation and building, however, the energy is gentle and dream-like. New Moon is similar to the energy of early spring – we are starting to wake up from the slumber, moving out from the dark months of the winter. However, we still need to be gentle with ourselves, slowly waking up our bodies, starting to move again, dreaming of the future.

The energy is on the rise, but it’s important to keep it contained and not jump into ‘giving’ and ‘doing’ too quickly. Hold the space and energy for your own dreams, nurturing your plans. Dreaming big, playfulness and experimenting are the keywords. Taking some time to plan and plot what you’d like to dream into being this moon cycle.

What to do: In terms of self-care, trying out new things to energise your body e.g. take a dancing class, try out a new style of yoga, go for a hike. Focus on eating fresh fruits, vegetables. Have fun, but don’t push over your limits.

3. First Quarter Moon

The mood: We are moving into the most illuminated time of the moon cycle, where the energy is focused on showing your ‘being’ and the ideas you have generated to the outside world. Whatever you have created, built and nurtured within or behind the scenes can be made public now in some way, communicated, shown to the world. The lunar energy is activated and will be behind everything you want to manifest.

Although this is the best week to ‘show’, ‘give’ and ‘communicate’ – being outwardly active – always listen to your own body first. In terms of the lunar energy, we have increased strength and tolerance. If you’ve honoured the Dark/New Moon phases of rest and gentleness, you should truly have the energy to step into the limelight now.

What to do: The closer we move into the Full Moon, the more important it is to learn directing the energy in a healthy and conscious way – into movement, socialising, creating. Nourish yourself with beautiful foods. Be lavish! This is ‘go for it’ energy.

Does the moon affect our mood?
Photo: Merilyn Keskula

4. Full Moon

The mood: Although the mainstream media often sees Full Moon as the peak of socialising time, it’s also important to see that during the Full Moon we are metaphorically sitting on the top of the mountain. We have the ability to see everything, all sides of the story, every possible pathway up and down. Hence, Full Moon is a great time to take a moment to pause and enjoy the view. What have you built? Where have you come? Celebrate yourself, your work, your family, community. Be grateful for your strength and what you have.

At the same time, we can start planning our descent down the mountain, which is happening during the two weeks of the waning moon until the next New Moon. After the Full Moon, the focus moves from building and starting to completing, ‘harvesting’, becoming more discerning and letting go. The Full Moon also helps us to see where do we need to release and simplify in our lives.

What to do: Full Moon time can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for our nervous systems as there’s lots of ‘cosmic’ energy around us. This can make us feel like we’re high, so channeling and directing this energy into the right places is an important thing to learn: whether it’s extra meetings, networking, socialising with friends, travelling to places you always wanted to see, hiking, movement etc. We might need less sleep than usual and have heightened energy, so it’s easier to burn the candle from both ends. Make sure you keep grounded and take care of not burning out.

5. Last Quarter Moon

The mood: Last Quarter Moon is the marker in the road to prepare for the Dark Moon and a time to turn inwards. This time in the lunar month has the energy of late autumn when we are preparing for spending more time indoors: finish the last works outside (metaphorically), so you can truly be in your nest during the dark moon.

This time is great for being honest with yourself: what are your needs and how can you get them met? Are you truly working in your natural pace or overdoing it? What do you need to receive in order to feel nourished, in every way? Are you true to yourself and your heart desires?

What to do: This time is for taking extra care of yourself and saying ‘no’ to everything that is not right for you. Know that ‘no’ is a sacred ‘yes’ to yourself, your own time and wellbeing. Eat warming and nourishing foods, allow yourself some extra sleep.

To find out more about Mylky Moon Lab and Merilyn’s lunar immersion courses visit Her book Moon Power is available to buy on Waterstones and Amazon. 

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