5 Ways To Develop Your Creative Practice

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develop your creative practice

Creative development isn’t something just for artists and painters, we all have a spark of creativity in us. Whether you express it through cooking, fashion or organising your toiletries cupboard, focusing on developing your creativity is key. DOSE writer Demi explains 5 ways to develop your creative practice at home…

How to get creative at home

1. Set time for a creative outlet

Despite us all spending more time at home, it’s essential we choose a time where you focus on creativity with no distractions. No halfhearted drawing will do, you need your head in the game to fully relax and open your mind to ensure you develop your creative practice.

Develop your creative practice
Develop your creative practice

2. Try something new

If you consider yourself non-creative or stuck in a rut, the first step is to find the right creative outlet or medium that triggers your creativity. When developing your creative practice, trying new things and taking risks with your creative outlet is crucial. If you usually paint, try painting something more challenging or using a different medium.

3. Inspiration is everywhere if you want it to be

Brainstorm new ideas, I recommend going on Pinterest and creating a board of all the things that inspire you creatively to spark some inspiration. If you’re more old fashioned, then keep a journal filled with your creative ideas whenever they come to you. Don’t judge your ideas when brainstorming, write down every crazy idea or sketch – you never know how they’ll develop.

4. Remove the pressure and watch your confidence grow

Being creative at home without the pressure of an audience or judgement is the dream, it can help to develop skills you were too afraid to delve into previously. Many of us don’t bother to develop our creative practice due to the fear of failure, but don’t get stuck on fixed ideas and stay flexible. There are countless ways to achieve the same thing.

5. Persistence is key

To develop your creative practice it’s important to make creativity a habit in whatever means possible. Creativity becoming a habit will enable you to become more creative in every aspect of life.

Take this time to frequently challenge yourself and explore new parts of your creative mind, your mind might surprise you.

By Demi

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