How to fake an Aperol Spritz

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Aperol Spritz is one of the easiest alcoholic drinks to fake without losing the taste. Club Soda tells us how to make a low and no alcohol version…


50ml Aperol

Handful of ice

2/3 of a glass /100ml of good quality lemonade or orangeade like San Pellegrino

Dash of soda water

Slice of orange to garnish


If you like Campari and Aperol but are trying to lay off the sauce, you’ll be happy to know they come in non-alcoholic versions too.

Crodino is a non-alcoholic bitter aperitif, produced since 1964. It is an orange coloured drink, made of herbal extracts and sugar, and is sold in 10 cl bottles. A Crodino topped up with soda or lemonade, or on the rocks is a great way to fake an Aperol Spritz.

SanBitters (bitters without alcohol) are great too if you’ve quit drinking. San Pellegrino do a SanBitter in Dry (clear in colour) and red (like Campari). They are a great base for a mocktail too, and can be drunk neat on the rocks, or topped up with lemonade or fizzy water. It will fit in your bag when you go to the pub for a ‘take your own’.

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