How To Have A Healthy Dating Life In 2022

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After the last two years, prioritising your mental health is more important than ever, and daters aren’t accepting anyone who isn’t doing it. 83% of UK Hinge singles would prefer to date someone who goes to therapy — and you’re more likely to get a second date if you mention going to therapy on a first date. Yet only 9% of UK Hinge users feel comfortable bringing up therapy on the first date. In 2022, Hinge predicts more daters are going to open up about their mental health journey early on. Hinge’s UK Relationship Expert, Sam Owen discusses dating trends to watch out for and how singles can have a healthy dating life in 2022…

Hinge 2022 data-backed dating trends:

Power of Audio

In 2022, we will see more people embracing audio and wanting to hear someone’s voice before matching – 64% of users said voice was an important factor in determining whether you liked them. We found that singles are two times more likely to match with someone if you like a Voice Prompt as opposed to a regular prompt or photo. Users will continue actively using this feature in their dating journeys as another way of seeing if they are attracted to them.

Booster boomers

With the new Omicron variant and booster rollout across the UK, we will continue to see users who proudly share their vaccination status on their profile get the most success in terms of the number of matches and getting out on great dates. We’ve found that users who indicate that they’re vaccinated receive 30% more matches.

Relationship Go-getters

One in three Hinge users experienced a ‘situationship’ in the past year, and 62% report feeling disappointed about it. In 2022, more singles will be upfront about their goals from the outset and move on swiftly if people don’t match their dating intentions.

Looking back on another whirlwind year, Hinge has also recapped the most impactful dating trends that shaped the dating landscape in 2021;

FODA (Fear of Dating Again)

Singles who hadn’t dated in a while due to lockdowns felt nervous thinking about getting back into dating, saying “I’ve got FODA”.


Singles were feeling sexually open, with a huge 80% of users saying it’s important that a partner be sexually open and adventurous, with almost half saying they want to explore new sexual desires with a partner.

The Year of Intent

People were more ready to commit to a relationship – 81% of Hinge UK users were either extremely or somewhat ready to commit to a relationship before the pandemic, with 46% of users becoming more ready to commit to a relationship.

Red flags vs Green flags

39% of Hinge users said they became pickier in the pandemic, picking up on red flags and 91% said it’s because they don’t want to waste their time on the wrong person.

Pandemic Safe Dating

A majority (79%) of Hinge UK users said it was important to agree on pandemic safety habits with a match, with the ever-evolving restrictions and measures in place.


People found themselves in a hard to define ‘situationship’. One in three (34%) of Hinge users have been in a situationship over the past year.

Sam’s advice for a healthy dating life in 2022

Make self-care a part of your routine

Take daily time for self-care; it elevates your self-worth, boosts your mental health, replenishes your resilience, and helps you bring your best self to all your relationships, including every date you go on. At Hinge, we found that 97% of UK Hinge users would actually prefer to date someone who actively takes care of their mental health. Prioritising things like me-time, good nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, spiritual upkeep, and so on, will help you to enjoy, and be better at dating.

Remember you are valuable

Own your worth by only giving your time to those who deserve it, thereby nourishing your self-esteem. Never chase after those who are not treating you with respect and compassion and only chase daters who are truly what you’re looking for. Doing so protects your self-image, reminding your brain that you are valuable, and saving your time and energy in this way also helps keep you happy, healthy and productive.

Know what you want and go get it

Self-awareness and knowing what you’re looking for is vital for a calm, confident partner search, and nothing diffuses stress and anxiety like being authentic, being clear of your goals, and making steady progress towards them. Seek out those who are well aligned with you, like the 85% of UK Hinge users trying to spend less time on social media who also want their dates to limit usage too. Be clear and bold about your wants, needs, and deal-breakers, and seek out relationships that fit your personality, rather than the other way around.

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