How to have a zero-waste holiday

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Going zero-waste isn’t easy when you’re travelling but saying you can’t carry on your sustainable lifestyle on holiday is a load of rubbish. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way…

Before you leave

You’ve packed your suitcase, you’ve checked and double-checked you’ve got your passport but what about switching off your electrical appliances? Take some time to prep your house and unplug everything you can to save energy – and don’t forget to eat or freeze any food that’s likely to go bad while you’re away.

At the airport

Paperless boarding 

We all love a speedy check-in at the airport but rather than printing off your boarding pass in advance and wasting paper simply download it to your phone.

Travel kit

Invest in the ultimate zero-waste travel kit containing things like a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, bamboo/stainless steel cutlery, canvas tote bag, cloth napkin and container for snacks. Especially if you’re travelling long-haul and eating meals on the plane these items will save so much single-use plastic waste it’s not even funny.

Another thing to think about is a book – try not to panic-buy a beach read at the airport but perhaps loan one from the library or pick up one from a charity shop beforehand.

Layer up 

Avoid having to use your plastic-wrapped blanket on the plane by layering up with warm clothes or wearing a scarf. Headphones are also often wrapped in plastic so remember to take your own.

Tampons or Mooncups? We asked real women what they use – read the article

Zero-waste travel toiletries 

Swap all those miniature bottles you usually buy from Boots for plastic-free products such as bars of shampoo. If that’s a step too far, then fill up reusable mini bottles with your lotions and potions. And ladies who are going green with their periods, don’t forget to pack your mooncup.

When you arrive

If you really want to earn yourself brownie points, then book into an eco-friendly hotel. Other top tips when you reach your destination include hiring a bike and searching out a local farmer’s market so you can pick up some package-free food supplies.

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