How to pick the best Vitamin C skincare products

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Vitamin C is often touted as a beauty holy grail, chock-full of antioxidants and working to brighten skin as well as help combat pigmentation. So what are our best options? Gigi Shaker, senior medical aesthetician at new wellness and beauty hotspot Young LDN, shares her secrets…

We all know vitamins are good for the skin, whether taken orally or applied topically, but there are some rockstar vitamins that boost skin function in a way that supersedes all the others.

Vitamin C is one such rockstar and it is clinically proven to brighten skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation left behind after acne and mild break outs. This is because it has the ability to resurface dead skin cells much faster than your skin would without it.

Photo: Gigi Shaker

Vitamin C is known as a free radical scavenger in the skincare industry – in layman’s terms that means it works hard all day neutralising aggressors in the environment like pollution that, if left on the skin without Vitamin C, would speed up the ageing process. Products like SkinCeuticals’ CE Ferulic and Neostrata’s Antioxidant Defense Serum also pre-emptively protect against these environmental factors by replenishing your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

However, as with all products in the beauty industry, it’s buyer beware – not all C’s are created equal and price point doesn’t guarantee efficacy.

Photo: Dermaceutic Tri Vita C30

In order to be fully effective, Vitamin C needs to be stabilised by a combination of other ingredients. I really like Tri Vita C30 by Dermaceutic or, if you’re prone to breakouts, try Circadia Vitamin C Reversal Serum.

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