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Ready to channel your inner FACE POWER? And no, we’re not talking about those fancy electrical face gadgets promising heightened cheekbones or that face you pull when performing an enthusiastic uppercut. It’s a set of psychological strategies you can use to build your own positive resilience and to support others around you. Cornelia Lucey, Psychologist and leadership expert explains more…

During my time as a Psychologist, I have worked with hundreds and thousands of leaders to support them to develop their wellbeing, resilience and positive leadership. My aim is always to equip them with a set of skills to help them optimally perform in their personal and professional lives through all types of challenges. As a result of my experience, I have designed a set of science-backed strategies, each starting with a letter of the acronym FACE POWER, to help others stay optimistic and hopeful during this time of crisis.

My research-based message is to remember to confront all of the challenging situations we find ourselves in with our own unique FACE POWER. So – let me break this acronym down for you…


F – F stands for focus, and this is all about taking time to deliberately focusing your mind on what’s in your control, your sphere of influence – and putting to the side what isn’t.
A-C-E go together.


A – A is about taking time to acknowledge what is going on for you. What are the thoughts and feelings popping up? Don’t push them away – they’re not going anywhere – just write them down, draw them, and release them however you can from your head to the outside – use a pen to do this.


C – C is about getting control back physically on your body. This is about physical grounding and breathing. There are many ways you can do this based on what works for you – so find a grounding and breathing technique to suit you when you’re feeling challenged to regain your breath.


E- E is about engagement, specifically re-engagement with all of your senses – over your thoughts – and noticing what’s around you – literally looking outward, so your mind can then pull itself back inward and better re-engage with the task at hand.

Ok, so once you have grounded yourself emotionally, physically, physiologically and cognitively with the F-A-C-E FACE strategies, we’re ready to move on and think about our own unique personal P-O-W-E-R POWER strategies. And Power is all about getting your drive back and setting your own direction, as well as knowing you have built deep emotional reserves in order to do that moving forward – the moving forward that you want to do with your work and life.

Cornelia is a Psychologist and leadership expert, and co-founder of LIVEWISE consultancy


P – P is for Purpose- this is the time to recap on what is the vision for your life that you are working towards? AND to recap on what are the personal values that give your life direction?


O – This is probably my favourite one. O is for opportunity, the opportunity that you uniquely offer the world, so when I say opportunity, I mean your strengths. The O strategy is about knowing and using your strengths. When we face challenges we need to remind ourselves of our unique character strengths and how are they going to help us right now.


W – This is the fall back let-it-all-out strategy where you remember you can allow yourself to WoBBLe when you need to. What’s this all about? This is about when you need to help yourself get perspective. It’s a little thought reframing technique which allows your mind to run wild and then you can reign it back in with fun and love. Write down: a) what’s the worst that can happen? B) whats the very best thing that can happen, and then c) what’s the likely outcome?


E – Is for Physical Energy. Finding ways to build your physical energy through healthy behaviours really matters when you are facing challenges and throughout your life for your resilience. You know this stuff, but you need to DO this stuff. For example, finding ways to exercise regularly, getting good sleep – that’s 7-8hrs. Eating healthily and physical play are important. Make time to engage with hobbies and passions (indoor hula hooping is key for me).


R – R stands for emotional regulation and particularly for recovery. We need to ensure we access high quality recovery every day of our lives and particularly when we are facing challenges.

You can find out more on each of the FACE POWER resilience strategies by visiting LIVEWISE’s website here and a more detailed blog here.

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