How to tell if you’re an introvert

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Are you an intuitive soul who likes spending time alone? You’re probably an introvert. Read on to find out if you resonate with the common traits of this personality type…

You enjoy (and need) time alone

You’re happy to spend a night in by yourself. In fact, you can’t think of anything better. You value your personal space and require lots of downtime and solitude to recharge.

Too much socialising exhausts you

You’re not necessarily anti-social it’s just that being around other people really zaps your energy – in comparison to extroverts who gain energy from social interactions.

You’re a fantastic listener

You’re a natural-born listener and you prefer to let other people do the talking. You soak up information and give thoughtful and informed advice.

You hate being the centre of attention

You don’t need or want to be in the spotlight, so something like a surprise birthday party is your worst nightmare.

Your besties are extroverts

Your closest friends are extroverts and they help you get out of your comfort zone but you find they don’t always understand you.

Big crowds stress you out

You’re not a big fan of crowded places with lots of noise and you tend to withdraw in group situations. Rather, you thrive in a small group setting.

You’re a writer

You’re a deep thinker and you like to pen your thoughts, instead of expressing them in person. Writing can be a great profession for introverts because it’s a solo activity.

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