How To Use Sweet Orange Essential Oils For Health & Happiness

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sweet orange essential oils

Natural essential oils are on everyone’s radar and it’s a market expected to reach $13 billion in 2024. At DOSE, we love sweet orange essential oils so much that we added them to HIIT ME UP – our mood boosting mist. Benefits of sweet orange essential oils include anti-inflammatory propertiesantidepressant effects, energy and more. DOSE writer Demi explores the benefits and how to use them and ‘micro dose’ on them day to day…

What Are Sweet Orange Essential Oils?

Orange essential oil is extracted from the fruit of sweet orange trees native to china. There are other orange essential oils such as bitter orange essential oils, which come from Aurantium trees.

Most essential oils contain nothing but pure oils. And it’s the same with orange essential oils. As they are undiluted they need to be blended with carrier oils (orange oil blends well with frankincense, citronella and ginger) or combined with cream to avoid irritating the skin.

The Benefits Of Sweet Orange Essential Oils

Treats Spasms

They’ve been found to relax muscle and nervous system spasms. The perfect addition to your post workout routine to help your muscles recover.

Aphrodisiac Properties

Sweet orange essential oils have mild aphrodisiac properties. It can increase libido and get you in the mood.

Improves Mood

It’s one of the most well known essential oils for creating positive and happy feelings. And is a great mood lifter. Additionally, research suggests that natural orange essential oils help reduce symptoms of anxiety such as reducing heart rate.


Research found that sweet orange essential oils provide quick and effective relief from internal and external inflammation. Additionally, it’s been found to reduce irritation and pain for infections and digestion issues.

Soothing blemish-prone skin

They’re known for having a clearing effect on blemish prone skin and spots. However, it can’t be directly applied to skin. Its best to mix it with face cream to dilute it.

How To Use Orange Essential Oils

You can use orange essential oils in many ways. Some add it to their laundry, use it in diffusers, apply it to their skin or mix it with boiling water and inhale the steam. But our favourite way to use it is through HIIT ME UP.

When you need to get in the zone for your workout, inhale mood boosting mist HIIT ME UP for an instant lift. The essential oil version of a coffee shot, you can take it anywhere for a lift whenever you need one. It’s a mixture of energising essential oils; eucalyptus, orange, lime, lemon and bergamot. Bringing you one step closer to the endorphin rush.

sweet orange essential oils

To conclude, there are endless benefits of orange essential oils. But our favourite way to use them is for a boost of energy at any point during the day. If you enjoyed this article read 5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Mood. 

By Demi

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