Hyaluronic acid: the key to flawless skin that’s not as scary as it sounds

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Does anyone actually know what hyaluronic acid does? It’s one of those buzzwords we hear a lot about, but the word ‘acid’ is scary enough that many of us haven’t been tempted to give it a go. Here’s why that’s a mistake…

The thing is, while acid may be a scary word, hyaluronic acid really isn’t. While we may associate acids with harsh, stripping exfoliants, hyaluronic acid is actually hydrating and adds much-needed moisture back in to the skin.

One of the savviest forms of hyaluronic acid on the market today is from brand Balance Me, which has just launched a hyaluronic serum. Called the Tri‑Molecular Hyaluronic Serum, it combines multiple forms of purest hyaluronic. This ‘multiple forms’ bit is particularly clever – most hyaluronic products contain just one type of ‘heavy molecule’ hyaluronic acid, which can’t penetrate the outer layer of the skin. Having three different weights of hyaluronic acids means it can get deep beneath the surface, where it really makes a difference.

Photo: Balance Me

‘Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in our skin and holds 1,000 times its own weight in water,’ said Rebecca Hopkins, co-founder of Balance Me. ‘These clever molecules attract and deliver moisture, and lots of it, deep into the skin to ensure it remains plump and hydrated.

‘Sadly, our natural supplies deplete over time with a 40 year old possessing 50 per cent less than someone twenty years younger.’

If you’re in to hydration, suppleness and glow, you’ll want to try adding hyaluronic acid into your life. Simply use it after cleansing and toning – you want your skin to be a bit damp when you apply it and just a thin layer will do nicely. Follow up with moisturiser and your skin will thank you.

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