I saw a psychic for love advice – here’s what happened

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What happens when you turn to a psychic to answer life’s big questions? DOSE writer Sam finds out by dialling up Psychic Sisters, the famed clairvoyants residing in Selfridges, now doing readings remotely over zoom…

I saw a psychic for love advice

“What’s the area you’d like me to focus on today?” says my psychic.

“Love life,” I answer confidently.

“Because no one ever asks me about that,” she laughs.

I’m sat on a video call with Sheila, a clairvoyant from Psychic Sisters. I’ve never seen a psychic before but it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. What 30-year-old single girl doesn’t need some guidance, especially on matters of the heart?

How to pick a psychic

I chose Psychic Sisters because they are a well-known company. The founder, Jayne Wallace, is a psychic to the stars including Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson. You can visit Jayne and her team face-to-face in Selfridges in London or have a phone reading. Prices vary; my reading costs £80 for 30 minutes. During the pandemic, Psychic Sisters are offering readings remotely via video calls.

Sheila has been aware of her psychic abilities since she was six. She was working on the beauty counter in Selfridges when Jayne picked up on her gift and offered her a job. That was 15 years ago and she now has a growing client list.

Sheila won’t mind me saying she’s a bit wacky – she cracks a lot of jokes.  It goes a long way to put even the most nervous clients at ease.

She asks me if I believe in psychics and I tell her I do. I’ll admit, that’s not completely honest – part of me does think it could just be a load of hocus-pocus nonsense, but that’s exactly what I’m here to find out.

She doesn’t have many props, only tarot cards that will be used to guide the reading. She encourages me to be open-minded so she can tap into my energy. “A psychic is only as good as the person sitting in front of them,” she says.

The reading

She shuffles the tarot cards and asks me to tell her when to stop. I then pick from the right or left pile and we begin.

The reading is separated into three parts: past, present and future. She starts by identifying my personality traits. She says I’m a creative and visual person, an eternal optimist, a control freak and a “little miss all or nothing.” It’s all spot on.

The next part is more ambiguous. She says she’s picking up on an interest in law, which I guess is true as I used to do some court reporting, but I wonder if I’m just trying to put two and two together. She thinks law would be a good profession for me as I like to analyse information (true again) and perhaps something I could consider in later life.

We then move on to talk about the future, which is when things get interesting. She says in the next three years she sees “shed loads of money” (here’s hoping!) and that marriage and babies – specifically two girls and a boy – are on the cards.

Now, a skeptic may say a lot of this stuff is vague and could be applied to any young woman. I’m inclined to agree until Sheila tells me something very specific about my love life that is spookily accurate. She imparts some sage advice on said situation and then our time is up.

My verdict

It wasn’t crystal balls, velvet cloaks and messages from the other side as perhaps I’d expected. But, I got everything I wanted from my reading: renewed hope I’ll find my happy ever after.

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Please be aware that Selfridges is now closed, Psychic Sisters no longer offer face to face readings due to new COVID restrictions. They are, however, still able to do readings remotely via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Telephone.

By Sam

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