Joan Murphy Co-Founder Of Move Your Frame On Making Fitness Fun

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Next on the DOSE podcast we welcome Joan Murphy – co-founder of Move Your Frame – the feel-good fitness empire with 7 studios across London. In this episode we talk about her road to building her business empire, how learning to tune into your body is the key to inner balance, the rise of fitfluencers and her favourite self-care practices; from essential oils to cacao ceremonies….

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Frame Fitness

Founded in 2009, Joan and her business partner Pip Black have taken the wellness world by storm with their feel-good fitness classes that are tailored to fit seamlessly into hectic modern day life. From sweat to sculpt or party to Pilates, there’s a class for every mood, goal and fitness level, IRL or online

‘There’s 80s aerobics, which is music themed great for – getting people excited to work out, there’s boy band barre, but then there’s also more traditional classes like yin yoga. It’s about fitting into people’s lives, whatever they need at the time and the variety. I mean let’s be honest it’s 85% women and women need variety. We don’t want the same thing all the time, so you can move around the different categories as you want’.

‘This is the premise of what Pip and I created. If you want to be healthy and you want to feel good, doing a little bit of everything is key’.


Joan Murphy on Cacao Ceremonies

‘Prior to kids I used to have time for myself on a morning. Nowadays that’s not the case, so when I’ve had a busy morning I make a cacao and have a cacao ceremony at my desk. It’s focused around intentions, some people like to journal, I prefer to meditate, and it’s just allowing that time to connect. That’s my ritual’.

‘It’s about the habit and the process. I find it difficult to just sit and journal, so the cacao ceremony kind of brings in a process for me. It’s a time out, but it doesn’t have a stop watch ticking down the minutes. You do it while drinking the cacao and then you gradually move on, as opposed to setting aside a set time for meditating and putting your alarm on’.


Finding Balance

‘Lockdown was such a stressful period for everybody, thinking about hormones, I didn’t have it in me to be push myself any further than a walk and some Frame pilates online’.

‘That’s the future of wellness – It shouldn’t take over and consume you, it should fit seamlessly into your schedule and raise the overall quality of your life and wellbeing. Which means going out for brunch, which means espresso martinis and all the good things because you’ve got to balance it out a bit’.

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