Koya Webb – International Yoga Teacher On How To Get Loved Up

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Next on the DOSE podcast, we speak to wellness visionary Koya Webb, the international yoga teacher and founder of Get Loved Up – a lifestyle community that inspires growth through mental, spiritual, and physical health.

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Koya Webb is an international yoga teacher and founder of Get Loved Up – a community that has amassed 1M followers with content ranging from virtual full moon ceremonies and sacred sister circles to courses on how to become a wellness entrepreneur.

Koya is also a holistic health coach, best selling author and vegan activist, whose core mission is to promote daily self-care and eco-friendly living to combat some of the world’s biggest challenges including mental health, social injustices and global warming.

As a former competitive track and field athlete training for the Olympics, Koya got introduced to yoga after a debilitating track injury derailed her career.

We talk about how to develop self-compassion in the absence of physical connection, the power of crystals and the full moon, how she deals with stress and how running is still her go-to for an endorphin rush.

Koya Webb on wanting to help others

In this episode of the DOSE podcast, Koya explains her innate need for wanting to help others – “The reason I wanted to go to the Olympics or even win a gold medal was because I wanted to change lives”. Koya says she felt inspired by athletes on the back of Wheaties boxes who would inspire kids by giving talks in schools. “I always wanted to help people feel better”, she says. “Whenever anyone in my family was in pain or felt sad I would feel it. I’m an empathetic person”. Koya says she considered being a nurse but realised she hated the sight of blood but her vision of wanting to help people never left. She now feels the role is being fulfilled through her work as a holistic health coach.

On breath work meditation

“I use EFT or tapping to help me out when I am in the moment of anxiety and breath work meditation every day to keep me balanced energetically. With a team of 21 people, all women, there’s lots of hormones and emotions that need managing”.

Koya explains how vital it is for everyone to have a regular practice of breath work meditation, as well as some form of movement. Through the Get Loved Up community there is a “1 mile a day” programme where followers are encouraged to get out, into nature if possible, and simply move to trigger the release of happy hormones, such as endorphins, which Koya explains helps to “balance emotions”. She advocates “stillness” versus being on social media all day to help people to centre on their purpose, focus on what it is they are meant to be doing during this time”, which she explains in more depth in her book “Let your fears make you fierce” – available to purchase here on Amazon.

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