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Leo Savage

Don’t be daunted by going to the gym. Preparation from the OUT/SET will build confidence and keep you on track! By Leo SavageThird Space Trainer

The gym. Two words that can bring excitement to those that are chasing the rush of endorphins, smashing PBs or channeling stress. Conversely, it can send a shudder through the body of a non-gym goer. A feeling of intimidation at the thought of stepping onto the gym floor with all eyes on them.

But this fear stems from a lack of knowledge, direction and confidence. The truth is, the people in the gym who are looking at or judging others, are in the gym for the wrong reasons. They probably don’t know what they are doing either.

Most avid gym goers have a target, an outcome they want to achieve from their sessions. This takes up much of their attention – they are not wondering what everyone else is doing in the gym. When you realise this and allow yourself to get caught up in your own session, each workout will fly by. And you will gain more confidence in the fact that you are able to carry out meaningful training sessions.

As a new member of a gym you want to feel as supported as possible to get you out of the intimidation mindset and into the smashing PB mindset. These PBs can be anything from press-ups and pull-ups to squatting and 5km runs. But it needs to be specific to you.

At Third Space we carry out a process called OUT/SET for every new joiner (and existing members) that embarks on their fitness journey. OUT/SET is designed to bring individuality and direction to everyone to ensure they get the most out of their time in the gym. OUT/SET consists of an assessment on your body, involving a movement analysis and a biometric scan. This is followed by a personalised training program depending on the results of your assessment, set against the goals you want to achieve.

There are many journeys to take in the gym, but one thing you want to make sure of is that everything you do has relevance to your body and to your goals. Don’t just do something because somebody else is doing it. When there is help available, always seek it.

At Third Space we are big believers of variety and choice, and want to see all our members achieve their individual goals in the best way possible, that is right and bespoke to them.

When you follow the advice, let go of your inhibitions and get stuck in with your program. The intimidation turns to confidence and the fear of all eyes on you turns in to hunger to achieve. Once you unlock these barriers you start your journey to truly discovering your potential. And as a trainer, I have no greater joy than seeing my Clients achieve what they set out to do from the OUT/SET.

Come and find me at www.thirdspace.london

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