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Leo Savage

Meet Leo Savage – rugby player turned personal trainer at Third Space, who works hard and plays hard in equal measure. In the gym with clients at 6am most mornings, he is a firm believer that your mindset plays a huge role in how you tackle each day.

His secret to a happy life? “Combine the things you love doing, with the people you love seeing, in the places you love to go and you are half way there. Integrate clever training with good food and you have a winning recipe”. We couldn’t agree more.

Leo will be joining DOSE as a regular contributor. We think it’s time you got to know him better…

How did you get into the world of fitness?
After playing rugby for 13 years and obtaining my degree in sports science and management, it was the natural progression for me to move into personal training. I have always wanted to pass my knowledge of training onto those less in the know than myself, and it’s something I love and will always love doing.

Career highlight so far?
Having a great success with the “Men’s Health Transformation” issue last year. It was a long 10 weeks of hard work, but the results signified what you truly can achieve when you just put your mind to it.

Leo Savage

How does exercise make you feel?
Exercise is my escape. It’s my happy place. The feeling of bettering myself whether through a hard hitting circuit or a steady recovery session), is incomparable. Not to mention the feel good factor of endorphins when you finish. I say to all clients and even myself when I’m finding it hard to get up for a session; “however much you’d rather skip it, or can’t be bothered, you’ll never have a feeling of regret after finishing a workout”.

Secret to a healthy and happy life?
There’s no secret to it. You just have to balance everything as a whole. Combine the things you love doing, with the people you love seeing, in the places you love to go and you are half way there. Integrate clever training with good food (not only steamed broccoli and boiled chicken), and you have a winning recipe.

How important is it to eat breakfast (even when you’re not hungry)?
You’ll hear it over and over, and it’s for a valid reason. Breakfast is very important. It sets your body up hormonally, neurologically and determines how quickly your body releases energy throughout the day. Your personal goals will fall in line with exactly what your breakfast should consist of, whether you want to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, improve performance etc.

What are your views on ‘Clean Eating’?
The first thing that comes to people’s minds whenever clean eating is mentioned, is always broccoli and boiled chicken. Clean eating doesn’t mean plain, boring food. There are so many recipes that include fresh ingredients that taste amazing, look amazing and are good for you. You just have to get in the kitchen, take inspiration from a cook book (or instagram) and get experimental with it! Given the way the wellness industry is growing, it’s so easy to find a clean spot to eat out if you don’t fancy the kitchen.

Leo Savage

Do you often cook or order in?
I love to cook. I always try to prepare my food for the first half of the week on a Sunday. It’s also an opportunity to experiment with a few meals. The odd deliveroo order may sneak in now and then!

Choice of tipple at the bar?
My go to is a Gin + Tonic with cucumber or lime, depending on the gin!

Describe your perfect date night…
I’m a sucker for a well prepped, home cooked 2 course meal (main + pudding!). Topped off with a classic film like ‘Man on Fire’ and we’re all set.

Leo Savage

Any frustrations with the fitness industry?
There is a lack of consistency in the level of knowledge that is required especially within personal training. Which makes it hard for individuals looking for help, to know who they can listen to and who they can trust.

What services do you offer as a personal trainer?
I always aid my clients in nutritional planning, as this is the main area that determines results. In terms of training; sports specific conditioning, event preparation, weddings, body composition and all around health and well being.

If your clients are stressed, how do you help them chill out?
Always stay clam and provide time for them to find their ‘relaxed’ place in the gym away from ‘life’ and day-to-day troubles. If we come to the conclusion that what they are stressing about is beyond their control, it usually isn’t worth the worry or time and we quickly move past the feeling of concern. My theory on stress is that if something is out of your hands, then why worry about it. This is a mantra I share with all my clients and live by myself.

Where can we book a session with you?
I work at Third Space – Tower Bridge. It is a newly refurbished site, only a year old, that doesn’t disappoint!

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