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We’re suckers for wellness trends, the wilder the better, right? First we were hooked on Goop Lab, that looked at psychedelics, energy work and other challenging wellness topics. Then came UnWell, a docuseries that took a more sceptical look at the lucrative wellness industry, questioning if wellness practices such as bee venom treatments and essential oils lived up to the promises. Our latest obsession is BioHack-Hers. A new Youtube series from Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri, founders of HigherDOSE, the infra-red tech and holistic wellness brand. With topics covering ketamine therapy to vaginal O-shots, we’re sure you’ll be hooked on this female-led exploration into the biohacking revolution…

What is biohacking?

Biohacking refers to a growing movement that combines science-backed strategies, natural tools, and advanced technologies to ‘hack’ your physical and cognitive health, optimising your body and mind to work and feel better.

What is BioHack-Hers?

Dubbed as Goop’s “edgier sister” – BioHack-Hers is a new Youtube series from Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri, founders of HigherDOSE, the infra-red tech and holistic wellness brand.

What started in 2016 as an insta-famous brick-and-mortar spa company and pivoted into a d2c at-home product company during the pandemic in 2020 has evolved into the wellness technology innovator and category disruptor—effectively bringing the infrared spa experience home to consumers and doubling its business (200% YoY) in the past year. With the launch of Biohack-Hers, Lauren and Katie have a platform to share their biohacking insights and wellness authority to their expanding global customer base, making the HigherDose lifestyle accessible to the masses.

Lauren and Katie, who have both explored biohacking in their personal lives, cracked the code on using infrared light as a biohack for energy, skin, stress, and circulation, making waves in the industry as advocates for the movement.

As two female biohackers, Lauren and Katie bring a fresh perspective to a space that has been dominated by male voices from its inception, making it HigherDOSE’s core mission to educate women about their bio-individuality and give them the tools they need to reach their own best selves, with content designed to educate people on how to take control of their own wellness regimens.

In each Biohack-Hers episode, Lauren and Katie explore the evolutionary arc of vitality, longevity, and the age-old human pursuits that are driving some of today’s hottest wellness trends. The female experience informs the way they ask questions, choose health treatments, and think about the impact of their wellness experiments.

The duo is using the series as an opportunity to invite women into the biohacking conversation – and reimagine tomorrow’s tools and techniques for all bodies. New episodes will debut each month, with every month having a specific theme:

January: Mental Health

February: Sex and Intimacy

March: Beauty & Skin

April: Longevity

May: Energy

June: Flow


The treatments covered include clinical ketamine therapy, vaginal O-shots, ozone therapy and stem cell facials, to name a few, hearing directly from experts including extreme performance trainer Cayce Kolodney, celebrity facialist Thuyen Nguyen, and Flow Research Institute founder Steven Kotler.

About Katie Kaps and Lauren Berlingeri

Two female entrepreneurs who came together to change the spa industry with revolutionary infrared light technology at Higher- DOSE. HigherDOSE is a new kind of spa that uses the power of light therapy to improve your health and mood. Lauren Berlingeri began as a renowned nutritionist, health coach, and the host of the popular viral series Woman vs. Workout, when she discovered the power of infrared saunas to help boost mood and recover from her intense exercise challenges. Katie Kaps met Lauren while at a detox center in NYC. Katie is a former investment banker at Merrill Lynch and International Employee of the Year at Tough Mudder. She had just started pursuing her passion consulting for health & wellness companies. When she heard about Lauren’s plan to bring a natural high to people through infrared sauna technology, she was hooked. Together, Lauren and Katie created HigherDOSE, a brand which is all about getting high naturally, with their infrared sauna blanket as their first spa service and take home product.

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