Lockdown Exit Plan With Fitness Influencer Maria Odubanjo

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Lockdown Exit Plan with Maria Odubanjo

With shops, salons, gyms and outdoor hospitality set to reopen on 12 April… we speak to PT and Fitness Influencer Maria Odubanjo aka ohmariafiit about how she plans to enjoy her newfound freedom. From White Claw picnics in the park with friends to hitting the stair master at the gym, she talks us through her lockdown exit plan…

My Lockdown Exit Plan

Which shops are you going to visit first and why?

Primark! They don’t have a website so I look forward to going in for just socks and coming out with other random things I didn’t plan to buy.

What are you most looking forward to about returning to the gym?

The leg press, the leg extension, the stair master and seeing familiar faces!

Have you developed any wellness habits over lockdown that you will continue to do from home?

Drinking more water and sleeping earlier and stretching! I was always in a rush before but as there was nothing else to do over lockdown I had plenty of time.

Lockdown Exit Plan with Fitness Influencer Maria Odubanjo

What should we be careful of when transitioning from home workouts to the gym?

Underestimating your loss of strength and fatigue. Home workouts have been good but most people will have lost strength so they have to take it easy and not just jump straight into what they were used to doing in the gym before. And with outdoor fitness opening up again, people will be getting active. More movement means more energy output, which our bodies may not be used to so you’ll get more DOMs and feel tired a lot faster.

How do you plan to socialise with your friends with your newfound freedom?

Well… as we’ll only be allowed to do outdoor stuff at first and the weather is getting better, it’s looking like White Claw picnics in the park with friends until further notice.

First meal / drink you’ll order from a restaurant?

Whew. Mem and Laz lamb chops and rice with either a Mojito or a fresh lemonade.

Which salons will you be returning to and what do you plan to get done?

My aunt has a salon called Desires and I’ll be getting my hair treated and trimmed (because God only knows I’m over doing it myself) and braided!

Are you planning on booking any UK staycations?

Not at the moment but I’m definitely planning to book a spa weekend somewhere outside of London.

Lockdown Exit Plan with Fitness Influencer Maria Odubanjo

What are you most proud of yourself for achieving during lockdown?

Doing challenging home workouts and staying consistent because I don’t like them very much. I was honestly skeptical about how effective they would be at first. I was wrong!

How has your approach to self care changed over lockdown?

I’ve learned to do a lot of things myself. Looking after my hair, doing my nails and other self care bits. However I’ve learned a lot, like that sometimes self care is not having to do these things yourself.

What are you most looking forward to about the Summer?

(Bottomless) Brunch with my friends!!!

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