London’s Top Fitness Trainers Are Doing Online Workouts

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With studios and gyms closing down due to the coronavirus, London’s top fitness trainers are pivoting to deliver new home workout options. Here’s how you can join them…


Barry’s Bootcamp / The Stone Method

You might know Samantha Stone for her drill sergeant tactics in the red room. But with all Barry’s Bootcamp UK studios closed for the foreseeable future with free online classes making zero profit, how do their freelance instructors keep going?

Samantha admits that the outbreak of coronavirus has had a “dramatic impact” on her life. “Whilst I always take a positive and pragmatic approach to all things, right now the Barry’s UK studios are closed and I am not able to give personal training in person”. She says that to stay occupied and help boost the morale of her clients, she is providing training and coaching online.

“I am building my own online community through my brand ‘The Stone Method’, where I charge for live stream classes and content. I have kept the price low at £4 so that everyone can be involved with minimal cost and hopefully this should build the numbers up quickly. Doing live streams at scheduled times, particularly for those who are used to attending my classes at these times, also makes it feel like they are in a similar routine. I am also having lots of live chats before and after so we can all stay engaged and in communication. I am also trying to build up my personalised service for 1:1 remote coaching to help any individual who requires extra support with their training, nutrition and general motivation”.

Showing her loyalty for the brand, Sam continues to run free online workouts for Barry’s Bootcamp and says, “I know that Barry’s globally will come back stronger than ever after this, so right now I want to just keep healthy, strong and motivated so that I can help others to do the same. I will be be ready to come back to the job that I love to do as soon as everything is reopened!”

Book an online session with Samantha here


Core Collective

Jess is a yoga teacher at Core Collective. She admits that this is a “strange, surreal time” but is grateful for the support that she has received from her community. Since Core Collective closed its doors, she has started teaching yoga through Instagram live sessions.

In a post to her Instagram community she says: “We may be isolating alone, without friends or family but we can still connect, close our eyes, move our bodies and breathe. I’m in the same boat as a lot of other teachers and self employed people out there, so these are donation based classes. If money is tight please practice with me, share with anyone you think needs some yoga and if you are able to donate a little something, it will be extremely appreciated”.

Book an online session with Jess here


Bodyism / Yeotown 

Berti divides his time between Bodyism in Westbourne Grove and Yeotown – a health retreat in North Devon. Clients he depends on to support his family and lifestyle. He admits that the coronavirus has left him feeling anxious about the future. “The stability and support structure that my life in Devon depends on has been severely shaken. Both Bodyism and Yeotown have shut down and whilst both are trying to put new strategies in place (Bodyism are running online workouts and classes for its members whilst Yeotown are trialling private retreats for families), the same workload isn’t guaranteed”. To help offset any losses, Berti is focussing his efforts on training people online and has turned his living room into a workout space.

Berti is offering 1:1 online training sessions via Zoom and live, group classes via Instagram for donations where he hopes his passion for training will help others to stay healthy and sane over the coming weeks and months.

Book an online session with Berti here


Factory / Base Studios

Keeley is a professional dancer who teaches dance at The Factory and Base Studios, as well as freelance barre classes. She’s worked on many different TV shows including  X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent. And has performed in various locations around the world with huge artist including Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Wiliams and Take That. But right now, she admits that she has “no work whatsoever”.

“I’m a freelancer and all the studios I teach at have closed, which means I have no income from any of them” she says. “I have been consumed by fear and panic as I am now financially unstable and with no idea as to when this will change. I have been practicing gratitude to help shift me out of this mindset and it does help”.

She goes on “Right now I am focusing on connecting with those in my community, through messages and putting out online classes for a small fee. I realise others are also out of work and so I hope by doing classes at a lower rate this will not only help myself but also those who join. I am focused on keeping myself motivated through this new way of teaching and more than anything ensuring emotional connection for myself and others at this crucial time”.

Book an online session with Keeley here

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