Manifesting Techniques – How To Get What You Want In Life And Love

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Manifesting techniques - How to get what you want in life and love

Do you have big dreams but no idea how to make them a reality? Emily Wysock-Wright, an instructor at House of Wisdom, shares her step-by-step manifesting techniques to help you get everything you want in life and love…

How to manifest everything you want in life

What is manifestation?

Many of us have been conditioned to think small and to feel as if we aren’t worthy of having what we want. We think we are greedy for desiring more money or selfish for wanting more from a relationship. We have been taught to settle and by settling we stay comfortable. Consequently, if we believe we can’t have something, we keep ourselves stuck in a mindset that consistently validates this belief.

Manifesting is about expanding beyond what you feel is possible. It isn’t about sending wishes out to the mystical genie and expecting a return, it is about working with the universal energy force synergistically with what you desire. It is about positively changing you, your mind and your experience of life.

Manifestation techniques: 5 steps

Step 1: Get clear on where you are now

The challenge I see people having with manifestation is they start from a place of being unclear on where they are currently at. How can you manifest more money if you are terrified to look at your bank statement? This is about being honest with yourself and gaining real clarity in what it is you want to bring into your life. Sometimes I recommend to clients to journal this, so they can explore where they are and step out to a place of neutrality.

Step 2: Get specific about what you want

We often want everything at once, so let’s start with the bigger picture then begin narrowing it down. For example, if you want a new house let’s look at what you need to do to get it – upgrade your job, more money, better relationship. You should always only manifest one thing at a time and working out that first step will be the first thing to manifest. Could you write a list or draw a mind map? The beauty of doing this, similar to goal setting, is that it makes it tangible and when it begins to materialise, you will begin to grow confidence in yourself to take that next step.

Manifesting techniques - How to get what you want in life and love
Photo: House of Wisdom

Step 3: Think and visualise

When you are specific about exactly what it is you want, you can begin to think and visualise it. You can then begin to acknowledge how it feels and immerse those feelings within you. You should bring yourself to these positive thoughts and feelings as many times per day as required. This may include writing or drawing it out.

Step 4: Believe

The relationship you have with yourself is reflected back to you through the universe, whether that’s friendships, work, money, romantic relationships etc. If we believe money doesn’t come easy to us, we will find it a challenge to bring it into our lives. If we believe we can’t sustain a loving relationship, we will jump before we settle down. What we believe, we get back.

Working through the beliefs you are holding and being really clear is the foundation. Once we clear out the excuses, the false stories and the fear we hold about having what we want, and replace them with pure boldness and extraordinary confidence our passion and purpose explode out of us.

Look at the thoughts you are engaging in and believing in and keep bringing your awareness to what you are achieving. When you believe in yourself and have confidence in your visions, you open yourself up to opportunities.

Step 5: Take action

Serendipity doesn’t just come to you, you really do need to take action to make your dreams come true. The power lies not only in your intentions, goals and manifestations but what you are doing in-between.

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