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Meet the one and only Marawa the Amazing, the Melbourne born, globe-trotting, world record holding, hula hoop master known for spinning hundreds of hoops at one time, all while balancing on a pair of high heeled roller skates…

Marawa The Amazing

Marawa the Amazing

A life in the spotlight

In this podcast, we talk about her journey to becoming a hoop master via a stint in circus school and performances on shows like Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent & Arab’s Got Talent, establishing fitness classes with her troupe Marawa’s Majorettes, how LA life compares to London and her book The Girl Guide – a no-nonsense guide to puberty and adolescence. Her pet squirrel even pays us a visit.

Marawa’s Majorettes

Marawa’s Majorettes make everyone fall in love with hooping. They’ve become a leading fitness team and international performance troupe, teaching the world to hoop as they go.


Playtone is a playground for alternative fitness and fun. Our favourite class is HOOPTONE – a cardio workout designed by 8 x Guinness world record holder Marawa The Amazing. Spin into shape with adult size hula hoops and tone your core whilst listening to carnival tunes. Forget sit ups, this is the best way to work your midsection. Follow Playtone on Instagram and tune into their virtual workouts.

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