May Birthstone: Emerald | Color, Meaning & History

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May Birthstone - Emerald

Emerald, the birthstone for May, captivates with its lush green hue and enchanting history. This exquisite gemstone, cherished for centuries, embodies the essence of nature’s rebirth in spring. 

The vibrant green symbolizes renewal, growth, and enduring love. This article uncovers not only their stunning beauty but also the profound significance they hold in various cultures and traditions. 

Overview of May Birthstone

May BirthstoneEmerald
ColorRich Green
SymbolismSymbolizes renewal, love, wisdom
OriginsWorldwide, including Africa, Russia, Australia, Canada   
Zodiac SignsAries, Taurus
Tarot Cards & Angel Numbers ConnectionsThe Strength Tarot Card with Angel Numbers 1 and 9 emphasizes inner strength and resilience
NumerologyNumber 4 for stability and foundation
Disclaimer: This table is a creative blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot, and may not align with traditional teachings of these systems.

The Meaning and History of Emerald Birthstone

The May birthstone, Emerald, is loved for its lush green color. It symbolizes renewal, wisdom, and lasting love.

Emeralds carry deep meanings and an enchanting past. Historically, this captivating gem has been revered by different civilizations as a symbol of eternal life and wisdom.

To this day, they continue to captivate those who appreciate their natural beauty and the profound significance they hold.

May Birthstone Color

Emerald, the beloved May birthstone, boasts a captivating range of green shades. They come in various subtle tones, each possessing its allure. When individuals delve into the various hues of green in Emeralds, they also discover their rich symbolism.

Emeralds have held people in awe throughout history, captivating generations with their unique beauty and charm. Listed below are the significance of the enchanting May birthstone:

  • Rich Green: Symbolizes renewal, wisdom, and enduring love.
  • Subtle Variations: From deep forest greens to vivid grassy hues, each shade carries its unique appeal.
  • Teal and Aquamarine: These lighter shades evoke tranquility and serenity and offer a refreshing and calming presence.
  • Blue-Green: Combining the energies of both blue and green amplifies the Emeralds’ harmony and balance.
Source: Istockphoto. May birthstone Emerald
Source: Istockphoto. May Birthstone Emerald

Where is Emerald Found?

Emeralds are uncovered from the lush forests of Colombia to the rugged terrains of Brazil and Zambia. Its evident that the captivating charm of Emeralds is as vast and varied as the places they call home.

It’s fascinating to observe how Emeralds form in different environments. Each place imparts its unique qualities to these precious gems. Therefore, the global presence of this May birthstone underscores its widespread appeal and adoration. 

How to Buy Emerald Jewelry?

When buying Emerald jewelry, it’s important to consider the key factors. Look for the clarity, authenticity, and quality of the jewelry setting.

With their beautiful green color, Emeralds pair nicely with metals like gold or silver. Investing in well-crafted Emerald jewelry enhances one’s collection and carries aesthetic value. 

May Birthstone Emerald Care and Cleaning

Caring for precious Emeralds is essential to keep its captivating green beauty intact. Shield Emeralds from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as it can fade their color over time. 

Routinely inspect it for loose settings or signs of wear, and have them repaired promptly by a professional jeweler. Keep Emerald pieces in a padded jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and damage.

Emeralds are often treated with oils to enhance their clarity. Therefore, these precious stones may need periodic oiling to maintain their luster.


In conclusion, Emerald is considered as the birthstone for May. Their lush green hue has a rich history. They have been treasured across cultures for their unique qualities. 

When considering Emerald jewelry, it’s important to appreciate its characteristics, such as clarity and color, to find the perfect piece that resonates with one’s style and sentiments.

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