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Ask the average stressed urban professional to take a twenty minute meditation in the middle of the day and you’ll be met with something along the lines of: “Have you seen my inbox recently?”.

Prolonged mental introspection is lost on many. Why? Because we “don’t have the time” to ponder our relationship with the universe when we’re on a deadline.

But what if we saw meditation less as some self indulgent path to spiritual enlightenment and more as a secret weapon to sharpen our edge? A workout for the brain, if you will. Then would we make the time?

Like the practise of yoga, perhaps all this ancient technique needs is a modern day upgrade…

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Good for… anyone dealing with what they consider to be ‘normal’ London levels of stress and anxiety.

What: A weekly event series designed for curious but skeptical professionals, where new-age jargon is replaced with a more understandable, practical and evidence based approach. The brainchild of Niraj Shah, a London property entrepreneur, M:U offers an accessible platform for people to learn and participate in these ancient techniques, in a way that makes sense in the modern world. A percentage of ticket sales will go directly to one of the UK’s leading mental health charities Mind.

When: The M:U series is a pop up that will run throughout September and October.

Where: Maple & King’s, 1, 3 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4UR

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Good for… anyone who views music as their meditation

What: A series of music events that combine meditation and classic album listening parties at the studios where they were first recorded. The meditation aspect acts to heighten the listener’s appreciation for the LP. The album will run from start to finish, whilst the group lies in silence, revelling in the tones, tuning into the rhythms and soaking up the space between the notes.

When: Radiohead Playback: Sunday 3rd September. 11am – 1pm

Where: RAK Studios, 42-52 Charlbert St, London, NW8 7BU

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Good for… anyone who wants to learn the basics (in their own time)

What: A four week course delivered via a webinar to teach you the basics and break any meditation myths. And no, you don’t have to sit in a lotus position or chant! Watch live or tune in at another time/day suited to you. This is all about creating a meditation routine that suits you and your lifestyle. By the fourth week you can expect to feel happier, more in control of your mind and emotions, more confident, content and in touch with yourself.

When: 12th September

Where: Online

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Happy Heads
Photo: Happy Heads


Good for… meditation techniques for you and the family 

What: Irrelevant of a child’s background, their day to day engagement with family, home, school, friends and the media they consume all play a role in influencing their core beliefs in both themselves and the world around them. Simple mindful techniques create the space and opportunity for kids to process their thoughts and feelings when they arise rather than later down the line when they often appear in different forms such as anger, anxiety, stress, frustration, over-reacting, lack of compassion and an inability to focus.

When: Book a session with Kim to set up a bespoke programme or attend her Urban Day Retreat on 14th October at Reva Studios just off Broadway Market.

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