Meet the founders of Ferly - an audio guide to mindful sex

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Billie Quinlan and Dr Anna Hushlak are the founders of Ferly – an audio guide to mindful sex with sensual stories to get us in the mood, guided practices that create connection and intimacy and programmes to help us to cultivate confidence.

Meet the founders of Ferly

Their aim is to make the art of sexual self-care simple, sensual and unashamedly normal. App users say “this app helps me to relax and get in touch with my body”, ‘educates me and my boyfriend in a fun way”, “helps me after being assaulted and struggling with an eating disorder, and “fills the gaps in my knowledge”.

In this podcast Billie and Anna discuss their journey to creating the app where they open up about their experiences of sexual assault, their views on porn, tantra, hair removal, the importance of establishing a sexual self-care routine and how fitness affects our sexual health.

Notes from the podcast

Zinc.VC is a London-based business builder that runs mission-led programmes to build scalable commercial impact-led businesses. From 800 applications, Ferly was one of the selected mission-led companies, chosen for how it tackles women’s and girl’s mental and emotional health in an exciting and innovative way.

Guilty Feminist is an award-winning podcast and live show hosted by Deborah Frances-White.

UnWell is a docuseries on Netflix that takes a deep dive into the lucrative wellness industry. We reference the episode on Tantra.

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