Mindful Drinking with Clean Co. Founder Spencer Matthews

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Mindful Drinking

Next on the DOSE podcast we welcome former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews. Spencer rose to fame at a young age and quickly became known as the love-to-hate or hate-to-love bad boy with a penchant for partying. After meeting his wife Vogue Williams in 2017, Spencer swapped his love of hedonism for health, turning to sobriety and becoming a passionate advocate of mindful drinking. He has since created his own hugely successful non-alcoholic spirit brand, CleanCo, and has recently submitted a White Paper to government in a bid to reset the nation’s relationship with alcohol as it emerges from lockdown. Within this episode we explore Spencer’s own personal road to sobriety, discussing how giving up dinking has improved not only his health, but relationships, professional life and creativity too…

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Road To Creating Clean Co.

‘Clean Co. in it’s very essence was set up because I drastically changed my relationship with alcohol, so I went completely teetotal for a time about three years ago. The moments where I would ordinarily drink alcohol obviously still existed, so I’d still go to dinners, events etc, and my social life wouldn’t suffer apart from the fact that I was left with nothing to drink. I felt I was constantly compromising. When I was at a bar I’d be left with limited options, having to opt for a diet coke instead of a glass of wine. It felt like I was standing out negatively for trying to do a positive thing and I suppose I was really interested in trying to ride the alcohol-free beer train. I thought if that exists and it’s doing so well then why don’t any alcohol free spirits exist?’

Mindful Drinking

Mindful Drinking

‘It’s like driving a fast car with the handbrake off. When I went sober I became a completely different person. My character and personality didn’t so much change, but things that never mattered to me started mattering to me and productivity and creativity became available in spades and I developed this work ethic that I’d almost made fun of before. My brother and my dad are incredibly hard working and always have been. I was the kind of odd one out who had this unproductive streak in them but felt comfort because I was on TV and things would just naturally float my way from time to time. When you take your own responsibility into your own hands and you address the regularity of the alcohol consumption, your life can just change completely. I will always choose a life of sobriety, not necessarily total abstinence, but the main message from me is that moderation is incredibly crucial’.

Mindful Drinking

Millenials and Gen Z

‘I have dwelled on why Gen Z drink less than we did and in my opinion it is not because they’ve woken up ahead of the curve, rather it’s because there’s a lot more documented on social media. It’s far less glamorous nowadays to be publicly inebriated I suppose then it would have been before. Now potentially hundreds if not thousands or hundreds of thousands of people are able to see if you’re inebriated on social media; you really don’t have anywhere to hide. I think the younger generation are interested in putting their best foot forward and being drunk very rarely plays a part in that’.

Spencer Matthews

Setting Goals, Facing Challenges And Breaking Limitations

‘I’ve got the Marathon des Sables coming up later this year, a challenge I’m really looking forward to…It’s a huge part of life. Pushing yourself to a limit and then also breaking through that limit and pushing yourself further and further is not in everyone and neither should it be, but in my opinion it’s a really valuable thing to trial. Achieving things that you never thought you could is incredibly healthy and it will make you feel great about yourself.’

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